16 thoughts on “Sysadmin Day in Russia”

  1. Why can russians never make things nice and tidy? Everything looks like it is some temporary solution patched up from junk and garbage cans. Another example is that photo series about the 3g antennas.

  2. The whole point is that those guys can create network out from anything and maintain it. Very creative and surprisingly functional. Who the hell cares how it looks like ))))
    Sysadmins rock!!!

  3. That’s how I run my wires if I can get away with it. I don’t give a rip! You’d be surprised what networks look like behind the respectable corporate facade.

    • “You’d be surprised what networks look like…”

      Ain’t that the truth. I’ve waded into jungles like this expecting to hear howler monkeys and to be bitten by a fer-de-lance waiting to take a gentle nip out of someone. Rat’s nests are found the world over, despite what anyone says.

      It’s how the private sector saves money…

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