14 thoughts on “Predawn St. Petersburg”

  1. Beautiful, pictures taken from the rooftop of the Church of our Saviour on the Spilled blood (actually no longer a church, nowadays), built on the place where czar Alexander II was killed, in the very centre of St Petersburg.

  2. Stunning, I like the freshness of the early morning. People waking up, having their morning coffee and greeting the new day in Peterburg. World class city.

  3. Invest in a U.S.D. $5 rope. Tie at least a bowline hitch to secure yourself to something solid inside. Better yet Google “mountaineering knots” for some full body harnesses made with plain rope. We like your images, we want more, you can’t make more if you end up a grease spot on the ground far below.

  4. “Dawn” is the first light of the day. Therefore “predawn” would be the time BEFORE the sunlight begins. Predawn is still the night, and it is still dark.

    These photos (possible exception of 2 photos) were made well after sun has risen.

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