17 thoughts on “Holocaustic Fires in Voronezh”

  1. Oh God, that’s heartbreaking. I hope the people who lost their homes (or worse) are able to rebuild and get their lives back somewhat OK very soon. And I hope those fires end even sooner!

  2. I often wonder if the speed and availability of the internet have made us more aware of all the tragedies that happen all over the world, or if it is like people say, that more bad things really are happening lately. I am sorry for those who suffered loss; all human tragedy is sorrowful, no matter the geography.

  3. This is my city, Voronezh,,,all in smoke now, fires around it, looks like we are in the circle of fire, burning beautiful pine forests, 3 villages were distroyed near the city, caps for rest,,,hospitals,, difficult to breath in the streets, all July there is over + 40C without rains. Ministry of emergency situations from Moscow has sent 2 big planes to extinguish the fire with water from the air, here you can see video, Voronezh news:

  4. What silly comments about the boy wearing float devices. We all know how difficult it is for young children in these situations. His parents probably made it part of a game to get him to wear the needed gas mask.

  5. I actually saw that. You could see gray smoke from the middle of the town (several kilometers from the fire), it covered half of the sky, and could be mistaken for a large cloud.

  6. nice pictures, but even greater personal tragedies … can not imagine what those people feel, when they have lost everything…

  7. Guys
    many of you wondered why the boy was wearing the floats…
    I am from Voronezh and I am there now, although my home is in England. my mum, my daughter and I were at a turbasa (a holiday camp) just outside Voronezh and left the same day when it all started. lots of people had to be ivacuated immidiatly from numerouse camps in the area. The boy must have to be caught straight from the river (Usmanka) whilst he was probably picking water lilly for his mum!(kids do it all the time, (I remember it from my own childhood!)regardless of how much they are told off – wild water lillies are in Red Book for endanged species in Russia!). my daughter (same as lots of kids had the same floats, they were the only choice at the market!…
    when retuned to townit was all absolute disaster – thick smoke for several days, difficult to breath, panic, we started gathering things for emegency escape, helicopters, sirens, enourmous traffic jams, horrid storied from friends and news… men with just buckets and spades like hundred years ago! a friend of my who came to visit ralatives in a village told me he had to operate a tractor to prevent the houses from fire – the village tractor driver was completely plastered as his house has just burned down!
    it’s more or less stable now… at least from what we can see …

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