Tricks of Road Police

Tricks of Road Police 1

Moving in the direction from Orenburg to Orsk, soon after “Orsk” sign the road starts descending. Further is a sign “overtaking prohibited”. Drivers usually didn’t notice it and did overpassed in this place, thus, many of them had their driving licence suspended.

About a month ago there was made a continuous line in that place and income of the local road police drastically decreased. Poor but clever guys from the road police painted over the continuous line turning it into dash.

Tricks of Road Police 2

Tricks of Road Police 3

18 thoughts on “Tricks of Road Police”

  1. Russian police man wins 10,000,000 roubles in State lottery. When asked what he will do with winnings, he quickly replies “Buy my own cross-roads and work!”

  2. Police are scumbags. You need no brains or education to join the police. And it shows.

    I would like to send them all to Afghanistan.

  3. Heck, Come to America! No need to register! America will house you, feed you, clothe you, give you a great job! Free School for your kids! Free Prenatal care!
    If you wanna go to College its FREE! If you want Health Care! Its Free! Just be sure to vote for The Republicans for helping you all out!

    • Want to come to live in USA. Simple. Just get a Tourist Visa. Fly in. Blend into huge Russian community in American city and no one will ever find you. The borders of US are meaningless. There are a few illegals living in most countries. In the US the numbers are in the millions of illegals.

    • TimO, maybe you should take up your own challenge and go to college yourself? Because there is no English word “wanna…” D-bag! LOLZ!

  4. WTF?! Is this even legal? Why don’t you try to report that to the police management? Or maybe call a television and ask them if they want to go and film that road and those corrupt cops..


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