Moscow SWAT

Moscow SWAT 1

Moscow SWAT was giving demos the other day in Strogino.  It was quite a spectacular performance!

Moscow SWAT 2

Moscow SWAT 3

Moscow SWAT 4

Hostage-rescue operation. Two soldiers are defending and two are breaking into the building.

Moscow SWAT 5

According to the scenario the road is mine studded by terrorists. Half of mines were defused.  Everything was happening very fast.

Moscow SWAT 6

Moscow SWAT 7

Moscow SWAT 8

Shots, explosions, so cool! They say when it was shown to a German delegation a girl-translator fell into a swoon.

Moscow SWAT 9

Moscow SWAT 10

A dog found explosives. A combat engineer in a special uniform was trying to defuse it.

Moscow SWAT 11

Terrorists were successfully neutralized.

Moscow SWAT 12

Dormitory windows – policemen are watching what’s going on.

Moscow SWAT 13

Hand-to-hand fight.

Moscow SWAT 14

Moscow SWAT 15

Moscow SWAT 16

Moscow SWAT 17

There are 4 shooting galleries in the basement.

Moscow SWAT 18

Moscow SWAT 19

Moscow SWAT 20

The only foreign weapon in the arsenal is an Australian Glock gun.

Moscow SWAT 21

Moscow SWAT 22

Moscow SWAT 23

There is not such variety of vehicles, though.

Moscow SWAT 24

Moscow SWAT 25

Water cannons haven’t been used yet.

Moscow SWAT 26

Moscow SWAT 27

They have 23 dogs in the detachment trained to find explosives and one spaniel to find drugs.

Moscow SWAT 28

Moscow SWAT 29

Moscow SWAT 30

Moscow SWAT 31

Moscow SWAT 32

Moscow SWAT 33

The canteen is good but prices are higher than the deputies’ ones.

Moscow SWAT 34

Moscow SWAT 35

An old helicopter was left in the bushes, they wanted to use it for training but it was too expensive to adjust it. And here it is …

Moscow SWAT 36

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27 thoughts on “Moscow SWAT”

    • Yeah, where’s the kangaroos mate??? hahahahahahahaha. I saw a photo of somebody there selling those shirts and about fell out of my chair laughing so hard.

  1. They all look like malnurished, vodka soaked, soldiers. Not one of them had a really good cop mustache. No mirrored shades either. They’re wannabes.

    • Mate! First of all there is a big difference between Spetsnaz and OMON (The guys in the pictures) .. Second thats not a tank it’s a BTR, they don’t shoot from it unless absolutely needed, it’s used to cover from explosions and bullets. Grenades? I am sure the explosions weren’t grenades only saturate charges to blow out the window bars. You said “USA SWAT is ripped” … hmmmm thats gonna stop a bullet from a AK or shrapnel from a nade. When it comes down to the real thing its who has the best training and the better accuracy. Russian Armed Forces will rock anyones dome!

  2. I do like the russian cops/military to a certain degree. They don’t screw around. In America, we’re so tied in knots with political correctness, it’s gonna destroy us.

    Man, how did it come to pass, that a very small minority, totally control the much larger majority???

  3. Hand to Hand combat 1st picture… guy in front looks like hes a move ahead or behind the rest of the squad.

    Isn’t a grenade launcher on a tripod a little extreme for SWAT operations? I forgot Russian hostages like a little shrapnel inside them as a reminder of the experience.

    • Fistly this is for OMON forces. Their role is not that of a US SWAT force, but more counter-terrorist and anti-organised crime. Probably the closest equivalent in Western Police forces are the British SO19 armed response forces. Don’t forget that very nearly every Russian male has had many years military service – and that includes the bad-guys. Military grade weapons are all over the place.

      Terrorist attacks by military and paramilitary forces occur every few months somewhere in Russia – and I’m not talking ‘underwear bomber’ terrorists that only manage to singe themselves, but real terrorists that kill and maim dozens. Professionally trained and armed people that are every bit as nasty as Hezbolla and the PLF in Lebanon and Israel in the 90s, the IRA in Norther Ireland in the 70s and 80s, the Taliban in Afganistan now.

      The Grenade launcher can send in flash-bang and tear-gas grenades through windows to stun their targets prior to an assault. This can be the difference between a blood bath and no casualties.

      OMON also needs to know how to use and the capabilites of weapons like this – so they know how to react when the bad guys use them. Which they do.


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