Slave Market on the Road

Slave Market on the Road 1

Yaroslavskoye highway in Moscow. These low-paid workers have been standing here for many years. They work for 500 rubles (16,5 USD) a day, often don’t return home alive and at best aren’t paid a ruble for months and finally turned out.
They stand here from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. and “attack” each car that stops.
Local police arbitrary rules are becoming ledendary.
The poor guys live in the neighbouring barracks and apartments 10-15 people in a single room paying 3000 rubles (100 USD) for a person.

Slave Market on the Road 2

Slave Market on the Road 3

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Slave Market on the Road 5

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35 thoughts on “Slave Market on the Road”

    • Every day I was driving on this road. Police chases them sometimes.

      But these guys want to work. This guest workers from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

    • These guys are often hired to do cleaning and swiping the streets [dvorniki]. There is a municipal budget for this, and contractors have to make sure the work is done.
      They go to places like this, bargain and make these people work 10 hours a day and hardly pay them. They simply pocket most of the budget themselves.

    • Why don’t you shoot yourself ? Ignorant pric.k.

      These people are just looking for a job in the most hostile environment [because of as.sholes like you] imaginable.

      Ripped off and abused by the ‘hospitable’ Russians. The same Russians that first, as true imperialists, drained their home country from everything worthwhile.

  1. What do they do? Ask for a job? Handouts? Threaten drivers? Looks like a good way to get run over.

    So if someone wants to hire a worker, do they drive to this open-air “employment office” and pick out an employee for 500 rubles a day rate?

    • These guys are desperate for work. There are thousands of these men standing around at various places in Los Angeles, California. I’ve hired them to help me many times. It’s best to park your car and approach them on foot and talk privately to the one you want to hire. Some of them are excellent workers. I try to feed a good lunch also.

  2. These poor people are looking for daily wages job. They are not Russians. Most of them belong to Centeral Asian states.

    • The ethic and native Russians know how to work the system to get state paid welfare. Yes, these fellows appear to be immigrants.

      • No welfare in Russia. You can die on the streets.

        I’ve seen bodies covered with a sheet of plastic, lying there for half a day next to a busstop, waiting to be picked up by some garbage truck. This was in St. Pete. Nobody even blinked.

        • Same thing. I’ve seen just exactly the same thing on the streets of st. pete

          this bum was lying on the floor dead when in the morning i was going to classes, then when i was coming back in the afternoon, the body was still lying there covered with plastic and there was this ironic sign next to the dead body “careful, wet floor”

  3. Are the people ready to work, desperate for a job, or is it only a masked beggary?
    Hard to say, a skilled craftsman is supposed to be worth its weight in gold.

  4. there are not enough jobs for the population of this planet…this is a FACT.

    Most every country is suffering from too many mouths to feed.

  5. We have the same thing here in the United States. Most often Mexican’s willing to work very hard for very little pay.

  6. We have a similar spot here in Budapest.
    Its funny to me because the place is called Moscow Square!!!

    you can always pick up workers there.

  7. Hmm i guess these people saw how Mexicans make money in America and started to do the same thing in Russia. Nachalnika Zamchut skazal…..


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