23 thoughts on “Mustang Fail”

  1. It’s not my kind of auto, but it’s pretty funny, pretty neat! Must be funny to watch people’s reaction when they see it’s not a Mustang.

    There’s a guy on the Forums who is planning to do something with hybridizing a Russian car with a foreign car; will be pretty awesome to see what he comes up with.

    • You, the guys from the first posts, as the one below you says, it take time and effort to do this “replica” … ok, it is not a succesfull “replica”, but you must admire the effort… and a final question: Are you jeallous on their work results or are you jeallous that this does not come into your poor minds? 😀

  2. Looks sweet from the front. After that, I lost my wood.
    No mustang is complete without a 2×4 to hold up the back hatch.

  3. I didn’t know you had hillbillies in Russia! We have passels of them everywhere here, too. However, they’re friendly and creative. Just keep your gal close to hand…they can be sneaky lil’ cusses! 😉

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