18 thoughts on “Another Attempt to Drown a Guy in Concrete Shoes”

    • If you have to explain a prank… then you have no prank to explain.

      Is same in engrish when say this… “If you have to explain a joke, simply forget the effort to explain it, because it will never be funny to anybody after you explain it.

    • “I agree that is not funny nor a prank. When they actually get someone in the water and they drown then what?”

      Then what? Then I would expect your fat, corpulent, but nevertheless buoyantly plumpness to jump into the water and save your dignity. And I will hold my breath.

  1. it also would have been pretty funny to tie a noose around his neck and pull really hard, or to shoot at his head but just graze his hair with the bullet.

  2. People who actually think this is funny need to get off the internet. This is not a prank, in any other country this would be considered a crime.

  3. I guess it’s a prank if you don’t actually drown the guy, but pretend that you are. Other then that, If you do drown him, I’m pretty sure that’s murder.

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