Baltika Brewery in Samara

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Have you ever been wondering about how the Russian beer is brewed? And, by the way, not just the Russian one. Except a few popular Russian brands of beer, such as Baltika, Jigulevskoe and Nevskoe, Arsenalnoe, Yarpivo there are some foreign ones also brewed over here (among them are Tuborg, Asahi, Kronenbourg 1664 and Carlsberg.)

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After passing the security post along you can see an enclosed court.

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Brewing section building on the left with barrelling warehouse and finished products warehouse on the right.

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The process of beer brewing begins at the grain elevator. By the way, Baltika company is the second largest owner of train cars in Russia after RZD monopoly.

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The process of brewing is carried out by machines. At first, grain gets into a grinder, then into a malt mashing machine, where it is being separated as well, and then, eventually, into a boiling vessel.

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It is very hot in the boiling shop. Simultaneously there can be brewed as many as 3 types of beer.

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You can watch how the process is carried out through the special window.

baltika_brewery 9

Brewing section operating room.

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Fermentation room. Actually, all fermentation vessels are covered with ice; this is needed for proper temperature maintenance.

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A set of compressors is located in the room under them.

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Then we go to the bottling line. At first they clean and sorting out bottles.

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Bottles are waiting to be bottled and float over to the bottling shop.

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After the bottling is finished, bottles end up in product labelling shop.

baltika_brewery 15

Then they must be sorted out once more.

baltika_brewery 16

For 24 consecutive hours a day conveying machine is being smeared with a special lubricant.

baltika_brewery 17

Packing process comes in.

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Then a lift truck drives to the pallet, drivers scans a bar-code with a special device right through the windscreen and wheels it to the warehouse.

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Finished product warehouse separated the brewing section in two parts; the second one is cans and plastic bottles filling room.

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Empty cans in gigantic amounts flow to the section.

baltika_brewery 22

Manual sorting-out.

baltika_brewery 23

Cans run with an enormous speed.

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baltika_brewery 25

baltika_brewery 26

Already filled cans get into a very large pasteurizer, where they are being warmed up to 74C.

baltika_brewery 27

Moving along the conveying machine they manage to get cold.

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Some other shots of bottling and packing processes:

baltika_brewery 29

baltika_brewery 30

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    • The darkest Baltika gets its color because it is filtered through asbestos filters. When my friend told me this [he was working in that factory] I swore never to drink the stuff again.

      No cancer for me. Those guys are scum, will do anything to get money. And inspectors are bribed so do nothing.

  1. mmm beer 🙂
    Coors factory in Golden Colorado, USA is similar in equipment. But this one looks much larger. Only one type of beer?


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