39 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie in Moscow”

  1. What’s up with all the longitude and latitude tattoos she has?! Are those for the places where she adopted kids?:P

  2. Oh my god, this woman is just 35 years old, but look at her hands when she gives autographs, like a 60 year old! Is she on drugs or botox and other things ruined her body that much? Or take a look at her face/eyes on the 1st picture…that’s abnormal, if she continues like this she doesn’t have much left…maybe just some years.

  3. She is so trashy with those tattoos. Looks like a “vor-v-zakone”. I bet she has a picture of Stalin tattooed on her chest.

  4. About her hands: she’s very thin. That’s what one’s hands look like when one is thin. Duh!

    Did her costars come to Russia with her? I’d like to see pictures of them.

  5. She is a bag of bones with veiny body spoiled with ugly tattoos. Not in my type, I have seen hundreds better looking women.

  6. She buys kids? Hmm how about she takes care of children put in to this world and neglected by their parents. Hmm. Russia seems to have this problem almost worst than any other country. Screw all you haters.

    • It is very ignorant to say what she does is good. It is a sad but true fact that adopted children tend to end not so happy.
      Besides that, it is just disgusting she uses this to gain more attention.

  7. She must be famous for something other than physical beauty, because on that score, she is ‘out of her depth’ in Moscow. She must be a nice person.

  8. Except for all the tattoos, and wearing too much red, ( not a good colour on you dearie…) and needing to gain about 10Kg… She’s lovely.

  9. Those tats make her look like an extra from the movie “Soldier” with Kurt Russell, where he tatted places he fought in.

  10. I thought she looked good in the Tomb Raider movies, when she was athletically toned. Now she look too thin, almost emaciated.

    Still, she has talent for acting, especially if Clint Eastwood wanted her to star in one of his movies.

  11. Anyone who thinks she is hot/beautiful is sick :S She is so goddam ugly. . . Almost all the celebrities are ugly plastic cows…

  12. The last row of digits on her hand is Polyclinique of Santa Maria


  13. Johnstone pleaze,

    Unless you personally know Angelina Croft, please spare your pointless pontifications to the echoes that you respond to on the rare occasions when you actually visit your shower in the morning. And exceeding that… try the always regularly recommended advice… STFU! TIA.

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