Second Birth of a Young Sky Diver


Yulia Yevdokimenko, a Russian student aged 19, had always been dreaming about a parachute jump. And finally her dream almost came true.  Why almost? Because both her main and reserve failed to work.

Yulia miraculously survived falling from a height of 800m.  She rememebers everything, her fear and beauty of nature from above… 7 seconds and she was on the ground, and she was alive! She hurt her back and now she has to learn toddling again but she is still optimistic although never wants to jump again.



15 thoughts on “Second Birth of a Young Sky Diver”

  1. Exactly why I would never do this. It only takes one screwup. And with my luck, *I* would be sure to find that one.

  2. To be fair she was going quite slow…

    Still great to see she survived.

    Will never forget some of the falling from the sky stories, one I sort of remember, in World War 2 a bomber was going down and a crewman jumped with no parachute, fell from an extremely high distance but landed in a forest and all the soft branches covered in snow broke his fall and he hit the ground unharmed.

    • Actually it appears to be a russian D-5/D-6 airborne units parachute. One of the most reliable and safest designs ever, still used by several countries military forces. Probably the simplest and safest parachute for a beginner solo jump, when done correctly, the landing speed on impact is only 2-3 m/s. I have jumped with the same chute, the only downsides to it I can see are its considerable weight and quite poor maneuvering ability.
      Jumping solo with a modern rectangular sport parachute would be much more risky (for a novice) because of higher speeds and sharper handling.

      Theres a reason driving schools dont use sports cars you know.

  3. It might have helped if she wasn’t using what looks to be a World War II parachute. The vast majority of civilian parachutists use the ‘square’ ram-air type parachute, and for good reason.

  4. Luckily her chute was somewhat “open”.. this slows the fall.
    if there was nothing the chances were probably lower?

  5. Like they say…”If at first you don’t succeed, parachuting is not for you”!

    Lucky girl…hope she gets well soon!

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