76 thoughts on “Strange Creature Was Found in the Pack of Shrimps”

    • Dan is right. itโ€™s a Neogobius melanostomus (Goby fish)


  1. Some one found the same stuff over here in Sweden also




  2. Highly fascinating, I had to look this up. It’s indeed a prawn goby (symbiosis with prawns), which failed to warn one of the shrimps on the plate ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It is a demon fish and if U eat it, you will shoot sparks through your *ss. Actually,,,,it is pretty cool looking. Wear it a medallion.

    • agreed, it is MOST like the Farlowella, however again the farlowella has a dorsal fin which is quite close the head and it also lacks any dorsal depression along the body, like what is seen in the photo. however it seems possible that it could be a close relative and the dorsal depression seen in the pic may be the result of being dead and dried out.

  4. Like a goby. Goby fish share burrows with shrimp, forming a symbiotic relationship. A shrimp has poor eyesight and their partner goby “patrols” the vicinity of their burrow. When a threat arises, like the arrival of a predator, the goby alerts the shrimp with a flick of its tail and they both retreat inside the burrow for safety.

  5. I am torn apart between a new species or a mind controlling parasite that bites you on the hind-head then you are at his mercy like the real cat related parasite toxoplasma gondii which makes you a cat lover. This is a fact look it up technically it makes you more fond of a cats stench leading to cat-philia.

    By the way I am not actually saying I do believe this thing that came in some guys shrimp is a controlling parasite just saying that if it jumped towards me I would be really frightened. But the cat-o-philia causing parasite is as real as cats them selves.

  6. It is not a pipefish, farlowella, seahorse, goby, tuna, whatever… It’s called a Grandiose Vermelter and they’re only found in the Baltic Sea. Very rare to catch an intact specimen as they are known to turn themselves inside out upon capture.

  7. They sell this at kitchens stores.Its a takes off the shell and deveins the shrimp. Its not a living thing . They sure got yall on this one.

  8. lol a dead seahorse straightened out ? come on..

    It’s a Agonus cataphractus…


  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agonus_cataphractus, it is Commons as a by-catch when one is Fishing for Prawns, totally harmless

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