20 thoughts on “Youth Festivals In a Russian Style”

  1. Two photo of Russian patriotism.


  2. Somebody put something in my drink. I am hallucinating…WTF is this? German Nazis, American Indians with machine guns, jet aircrafts, motorcycles…

  3. That is one heck of an American festival right there. American bikes, American cars, American trucks, American guitars, American guitar amps, American T shirts.

    The way you can tell it is not American: The girls are hot and they don’t have 45 tattoos all over their bodies.

    • You are absolutely right. The girls have awful bikinis and bad teeth. The “Injun” is wearing banana hammock. Nope, it is not the U.S.

  4. Are Harleys popular over there and do they attract the typical “Harley rider” a-hole mentality that they do over here?

  5. So, the festival is all about how Russian you are but yet you have American cars, motorcycles and man disguised as a *native* *american*!?!?

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