Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 2

This test station for naval armament was commissioned in 1939, and is located 2.7 km away from the shore. It has been abandoned for a long time. Its building has been heavily damaged by waves of the nasty Caspian Sea. The watch tower of the station stands 42 m above sea level and, in stormy weather, foamy waves can easily reach its top.

The entire underwater part of the gigantic construction, called “Massive”, was built on the shore in the foundation pit with a capacity of 530,000 cubic meters. Sometimes they even dug by hand, but more often dredgers were used.

On the bottom of the foundation pit a huge ferroconcrete “box” was built, measuring 14 meters high. Next, the plate separating the pit from the sea was destroyed and the surfaced “box” was dragged to the building site of the station. There, in 1935, the “box” was filled with water and placed on the specially site, which was made of quarry stone. Thereafter construction of the station was done in a usual way, with people and materials being delivered by ships.

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 3

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 4

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 5

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 6

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 7

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 8

Test Station of Naval Armament in Makhachkala 9

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    • This was torpedo workshop and testing station during GPW. Constructed at enormous expense, torpedoes developed here never saw much if any use. Soviet navy pretty much sat in harbor entire war. Soviet ships however useful as targets for German aircrafts and submarines, although Soviet navy sunk more of own ships than enemy!

    • It is torpedo workshop 8. Torpedoes were developed here during GPW. From looks of it, probably also used as target!

  1. I cant be the only one who would be really exited over walking around on those places for a couple of hours.

    Like when they showed some lighthouses outside Kamchatka a couple of months ago. My first though was “I want to go there”.

  2. WOW i realy like to go there ! But people can go there? I mean it is legal to go in a place like that? There are much interesting place like this where is forbidden to go… However it is very interesting and if someone know the name of this construction or a link where i can read more please tell me 😀

    • It does not look that easy to get up onto it. The walls are rather high and the steps are now missing. It would be fun to motor out to see it but I would not really be too interested to climb on it…too dangerous.

  3. just like in Gdynia – BAbie Doły in Poland


  4. Seems to be an deteriorated, but interesting place. If the structure is 2,5 km northeast of the harbour of Kaspyisk, then there is also an ekranoplan nearby.

  5. It would be an awesome place to visit.

    My biggest concern would be breathing in toxic vapors from incorrect decommissioning.

  6. I can’t see how the sea could reach those dizzy heights when it’s not connected to the ocean…..The floors don’t look water damaged well not sea water anyway…..floors look dusty…It could be done up as a war museum for tourism….If that was near us in Australia Scott Cam would be doing this up on The Block….Scotty loves a challenge…..


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