Flying Donkey Shocks Beachgoers in Russia’s South

Police in southern Russia will launch a probe into an initiative by local entrepreneurs who sent a donkey into the sky on a parachute in an advertising stunt.

The parachuting donkey incident took place recently on an Azov Sea beach in the Temryk District in Krasnodar. They gave this donkey a parachute ride in order to attract holidaymakers’ attention to this sort of entertainment. The donkey brayed and the children cried, but no one was smart enough to inform the police about the incident. The police will launch a probe and if the entrepreneurs are found guilty, they could face criminal persecution under the article on cruel treatment of animals of the Russian Criminal Code, which carries a maximum punishment of two years in prison.


22 thoughts on “Flying Donkey Shocks Beachgoers in Russia’s South”

    • “Wow – If that happened in USA, everybody on that beach would be sent to prison.”

      Something like this DID happen in the USA, not that long ago.

      Google balloon boy for many lynx.

      This boy was hiding at home, but rumor was he was on a big balloon, floating across the sky. The family did the spoof to get on a TV program.

      Lots of unhappy law enforcement people who wasted time following the balloon to rescue the boy.

    • It DID happen in the USA. Google “balloon boy”.

      Boy hid in the house, while parents claimed he had gotten in a large balloon. Police from several states were not happy when they found the trick.

      Parents did it to get attention to be on a TV show.

  1. Proves that a functional brain is rare in Russian business. No brains, no emphatic feelings, i call thse people basterds!!

    Take them into the woods and just shoot them without too much fuss. They deserve it.

    • Speaking of empathy, there are thousands of meat factories around the world that slaughter millions of animals on a daily basis. Compared to that, this donkey event is innocent.

      • Kozel, you’re right that many animals are killed and of course that’s quite bad for those creatures; however, it doesn’t make it OK that advertisers treated that donkey this way. Some are much worse, certainly, but mistreatment of an animal is wrong in each case, regardless of all other cases.

  2. Well what do you expect from the rascals ? Gee’s a Donkey, Ie a Democrat. Now would anybody complain if they tried it with and elephant? All in all there was no real harm done. Well the Russians taught a boat to fly, why not a Donkey?

  3. nonsense, clearly, the donkey has volunteered for the parasailing experiment, he was afraid, but did it anyway.

  4. This has gone International, E.R. has scooped the world:

    Congratulations ER!


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