19 thoughts on “A Night Visit to a Burnt Bomb Shelter – Focusing on Details”

  1. what kind of punk would start a fire in a bomb shelter? These scum that do this should be exported to the west.

    • The orange boxes appear to be NBC decontamination kits (contain chemical or biological antidotes and radiation sickness pills).
      CO2 cartridges may be left-overs from airsoft shoot-out or as mentioned above, nitrous oxide containers for the whipping of cream or brain!

  2. By the way, anyone ever heard about those pills in orange box? I’ve heard that some of these cause heavy hallucinations. Similar like LSD, but usually very very bad and unpleasant.

    • Yep! It is so-called “taren”, was included in the standard decontamination kit (orange box) as an antidote. It contains aprofene.


  3. You know,,when russia(ussr) and the usa were enemies both sides had those bunkers built. My dad built one in the backyard in the sixties. And it was depressing to be inside of it.

    Every friday, we would have nuclear bomb drills and school as a kid. The sirens would go off,,,it sounded like screaming ghosts.

    Scary old bomb shelter there.

  4. They sell those types of gas masks for $10 each at a local gun shop. What you have there is a Russian treasure chest of collectible Items. I’d buy one!

  5. i found shelter no. 53 looks like that flooded with water. i searched it trough and found many of those orange boxes. someone was faster than me and stole took those syringe inside those orange boxes. there was rotten gas masks mattresses everywhere. me and my friends are going to pump water out from there and build this place up. sorry about a bad english.

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