53 thoughts on “Water War on a Hot Summer Day”

  1. The reply above was actually meant for you.

    To recapitulate:

    What’s really bringing down the US is ignorant, arrogant white trash (Republicans, mostly) who have no understanding of anything beyond the score of the ball game.

    In addition, white trash rednecks like the Republicans who occupy the US government and have a problem with universal health care are the real threat and the real problem with the US, in addition to their never-ending blood-lust war mongering.

  2. The girl in the photo before the last one is ridiculously hot. Her being soaking wet don’t help either. Also, there should be more posts like this.

  3. damn, where are those nipple-shots? why did you remove them? has anybody saved them before this site was censored?

  4. Ahhh, looks like so much fun!

    The blonde girl in white shirt and red shorts means business. xD I think we know who the next top female sniper will be.


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