Mysteries of VDNKH

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Today we’re going to tell you about a pavilion located at VDNKH, Moscow, and to be more precise, about the central pavilion.

Now it looks like a total wreck where gross donar kebabs and tacky photo equipment are sold. But we will try to tell you about ‘guts’ of the pavilion with things that usual visitors of VDNKH will never know.

According to ‘cave drawings,’ first signs of civilization over here can be traced back to the 1960’s.

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Great attention must be paid to the interior of the pavilion. There are lots of winding stairs leading to a dome of the building.

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Our path begins on the third floor where 15 meter winding stair leads us up.

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Having used the stair we find ourselves in a spacious room with lots of usual stairs, some of them leading to the dome, and some of them leading nowhere at all.

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First level of the dome with flashlights and sea of pigeon dung. By the way, museum of Yakubovich’s (the one from Pole Chudes show) is located downstairs.

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We’re trying to get higher and come across a huge five-point star that trims the ceiling.

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Now, having left the dome alone, we’re trying to reach even upper height and going onto the roof.

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C C C P letters are thrown about the forlorn roof. Before the fall of the USSR they have supposedly been used as a trimming for the pavilion but now they are not more than useless trash.

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Even trees found their place on the roof.

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Trying to get even much higher.

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And finally we’ve reached the final spot, a small ground near the spire.

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Photo and story via raskalov-vit

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