17 thoughts on “Mafia-Style Prank”

  1. How exactly did they think they were going to get up back up after they were done with their laugh?
    Are we sure these were his friends?

  2. TV is the essence of cultural degrade, filled with soap operas and miserable news, and promoting obesity and depression, just to let you know.

  3. BS! It was a black PR-action of the new cement. When the TV crew arrived they guy begun to cry in camera: “It is a new cement! Item MSC-018! You can buy it in these shops….”

  4. Guy with cemented legs in the first photo: Whaaaaat, the guys were just fooling around, I can swim very well you see, and the buckets are made of plastic and plastic floats on the water. Do you know what else floats on water?

    Lady: ummm… bread? Apples? Very small rocks? Cider? Gravy? Cherries? Mud? Churches? Lead! Lead!

    Someone who just arrived: A duck.

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