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      • Oh well Eger know everything!
        Come on, please, stop pretending to know Pripyat just because you’ve played Stalker

        It is time to stop pretending to be an expert of the world when the only other place than your bedroom that you see in your sad life is the bathroom of your home.

        Go out from that dark room that smells of Smegma, weight loss and find some friends that are real and not made of pixels.

        Eger, visit our amazing planet with its mountains, its hills, its wonderful sea and its modern metropolis.

        Enjoy your miserable life Eger.

        • Mrk Lenders, can you also please give me some advice about my internet addiction, how do i get more motivation to do other things?

        • … oh… i wouldn’t say there is not much radiation

          and Pripyat is known for it’s huge catfish, and it is huge right beacause of radiation

          and visiting Chernobyl is not a thing worth being proud of, it only prooves that you are thoughtless and you underestimate the harm of radiation

  1. Wow! Now that’s a big catfish but hey..that’s what you get if you fish in the river that was used as a coolant reservoir for the infamous Chernobyl nuclear powerplant. That catfish gotta be..mmm..radioactive? Nice dose of radioactive debris!

    But nice fish anyway, just don’t prepare it for food.

    Amazing still how nature recovers after direct human influence in some region disappears. Catfishes of that size are really rare in European rivers due to pollution and chemicals..During the past 24 years that river has provided sanctuary for that large fish 🙂

  2. I have to wonder how safe eating fish from the zone of exclusion would be. I mean, the bottom of the river would have to be contaminated with heavy metals and should be quite unsafe for human consumption. Catfish are bottom feeders, if memory serves, which would make them especially susceptible to ingesting contaminants. Then again, larger than average fish are common in that area and I do wonder how much of their size is because of the lack of human intervention and how much is due to possible exposure to radiation? Plus, do any of them have three eyes that blink in sequence?

  3. cooling water from nuclear power plants is usually not contaminated, if they have a secondary cooling circuit. you don’t contaminate water by just exposing it to radiation.
    the main problem is the temperature of the water: if you dump it into a river, it will raise the river’s water temperature, and that will reduce reproductive functions of the fish living in there.
    on the other hand, you never know what else they dumped into that river. also, there might be contaminants from rain, ground water, etc.

  4. and then the fish said:
    Prashlo vryemia: ya vishu tvayo zhelanie
    Tvayo zhelanie skora ispolnitsa!
    Put zavershon chelavyek
    Tvoj put zavershaetsa
    Tvaya tsel sdis
    Vash nagrazhdienye budet tolka adin

  5. Please, take a look on http://www.fotosdepesca.com.br/fotos/14559. Welcome and have fun on my crazy country.

  6. Amazon catfish: The Wels catfish has also been reputed to kill humans (especially young children), so they do get revenge after all.

  7. Bah, in Kansas of the good ol’ USA we get catfish (not that variety) so big you can stick your head in their mouths – if you would want to!

  8. I don’t think I would linger in that water if I were them, might be an even bigger fish lurking around in there.

  9. there are no humans there (yes they are, but you know what i mean) So the fish can grow. By eating that fish your belly is full and you do not have to use light in the dark; so those problems are solved. So all is good and I do not understand some people 🙂

  10. Why are so many concerned that fish is radio-active? Fishing activity in alienation zone is prohibited, so conclusion is that the monster-fish was caught elsewhere IN THE PRIPYAT RIVER. Pripyat is quite long river, and is actively used for transport and recreation along most of its length, notably in Belarus which is upstream from site of unfortunate power plant malfunction.

  11. Why would you want to eat a catfish? They taste like what they eat. MUD! And the location is also another cause of concern. As other posters said, the bottom of the river is probably contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants. And a catfish that size would be at the top of the food chain.

    • Yeah, that’s nuthin – back in FL, we have catfish twice that size. We slip them the love too, fishy but good. Watch for the bones in your pecker, be gentle

  12. Why would the river be contaminated? Vast majority of the concrete blocks blown away by Chernobyl were filled with radioactive metals that had only a short half-life.

    or so I think???

    • That’s not as big as you could catch in Russian rivers, though the bigger ones are not valued as a good food source (too much fat). However, the catfish of the size on the picture are considered a delicacy in Russia. Russians, unlike the anglos, know a lot of tasty recipes for cooking fish, smoking it, making soups, etc. I want to cry every time I see all that fish sold in a typical US supermarket. Americans for most part have very simple, limited, and unexciting fish cuisine.

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