10 thoughts on “Different World of Nenets”

  1. Little do they know that soon a state owned enterprise will come and find rich veins of ore beneath their land or reserves of oil or natural gas and they will be driven away, compensated nothing and made to work for their new master for starving wages… And another Moscow POS will earn millions on their suffering.

  2. they are destined to extinct anyway…
    Young people will not follow in their fathers footsteps when they realize about the vast world outside their village.
    They don’t even need to see “MTv” – a single most accomplished weapon against the “old way”.

    I dare to say that the rotten western tv broadcasts that we could see behind the “iron curtain” brought the destabilization of the communist block in the ’80…

  3. The people of the North in Canada and Russia are amazing to be able to live in such a climate. Lets hope progress does not damage their environment too much.

  4. Russians occupied enormous territories of Eurasia and keep robbing all the natives off their natural resources, destroying the local environment. Historical borders of the Russia proper is the Oka river located couple of hours to drive south from Moscow. Everything south, east, and north-east of that river are occupied and colonized territories.

  5. Akskl – I don’t know where you are living but you have very primitive knowledge of geography. You need to start from first class and try not to clean your nostrils but to concentrate in your books.

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