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  1. wtf is on picture 56? fake foam rubber googles??

    uniform is awful, camouflage pattern is worse than ever

    and shoulder straps are now – one on the chest in the middle, another on the right elbow – no comments….O_o

    • straps have been removed from shoulders only for officers but it doesn’t matter.. i think we russians are degrading =(

    • It is called pixelated camoflage, more effective at masking when looked at from long distances because of the effect alot of small pixels have on the eye.

  2. the camo pattern looks very similar to german army’s.

    there’s nothing russian about the look of these uniforms! what are they thinking? and what happened to the snow camo?

    • Right. One of the camouflage patterns looks like WW2 SS soldiers ๐Ÿ˜›

      Another pattern just looks flat dark green from a distance.

      And all of them will be useless if they insist in showing up striped T-shirts (which make perfect targets for snippers)

  3. From these pictures, I can deduce:

    1. Average height of a Russian soldier is 4’9″

    2. Average age of a Russian soldier is 12

  4. Nothing matches and it looks like the boots came from Walmart. I really like the bandana head protection. Very stylish.

  5. A bit rag-tag looking.

    I’d figure that the Russians that spend so much effort in creating nice parades in the Red Square could have brought together some soldiers that are a little bit more impressive to look at.

  6. New uniforms are probably very functional and practical, but now the Russian soldier’s uniform will look like the US soldier or the Brit soldier. I miss the older uniforms that had a distinct “Russian ” look.

  7. do you know what, i whute like it, except for the grey uniform, the boots and the funny helmets, but the cammo may be a little bit too fine to be efective.

    • Boots are Russian Faradei manufacture, using American Gore-Tex fabric product inside. Or so says label. Never to be sure in Russia these days, could be just a label!

    • they are showing the different styles and types of uniform for the many regions of russia, of course a entire platoon would have the same style of uniform.

      • I happen to own one of the new 2009 winter uniforms in the Digital flora pattern.. when seen through a Gen.3+ night vision device, it is extremely effective. moreover their new 6sh112 west (the one that looks like the current issued U.S. MOLLE vest) is absolutely horrible .. It is not IR reflective and it lights up like a damn Christmas tree .. it can be seen from a long distances and can therefore be an easy target for a sniper with an NV scope ..

  8. hmmm… So they really stole the camo-pattern from the Finnish Army. Previously i thought that Moscow had some great artists at use… but i was proven wrong.

    • Finnish huh? Well that explains a lot. They are looking to hide in deeper woods and this pattern would be good at just that.

      This also explains why the pattern looks like German “Fleck Tarn”.

    • actually ‘yeger as they call their pattern that’s _suspiciously_ similar to our M05 pattern isn’t present in these pictures, the one present in most of pics is an original russian pattern unrelated to M05.

      • when I look closely at first pic, the first ‘whole’ guy starting from left (ie. the guy with rather baggy trousers and a beige/light brown pouch), pattern in that vest does look like M05 and might in fact be yeger, but most of digital- or digital-like camouflage in these pics is of pattern officially adopted by russian armed services (I don’t remember the name), yeger is a commercial pattern, not government-issue, or so I hear.

  9. The pattern is too fine grained to provide much advantages in breaking up the soldier’s silhouette.

    Over-all it is too dark for some of the places it could be used and this provides to easy an aiming point.

    I think the colors need to be broken more. At any distance the colors appear to be “solid”.

    Have you looked at “Real Tree” camo patterns?

    • As would I Boritz. Once again we were duped. This is secondary school outing to a paintball game for entertainment. I hope they had fun! LOL!

  10. im just glad i did my service back in the 80’s….the only good point about this whole thing are the bullet proof vests (or at least thats what i think they are – you can see them in the first few pics).

    the chechen guerillas will wonder where all these butterflies are coming from.

  11. Suddenly I realized what some of those uniforms made me think of… They look like japanese Samurai style uniforms with all those flaps and patches…

  12. It’s not only russian girls that are hot, russian boys are soo cute! Especially the guy with the grey uniform in photo nr 3 and the really tall one with the yellow/golden uniform.
    It must be something in the water :p

    OH yeah, the uniforms… well they’d look better without them.

  13. http://static.iltalehti.fi/uutiset/maastopukuJI1111_503_uu.jpg

    Why do you russians have to copy everything..

    Finnish army 2009 model..

      • so what? it’s the best AR platform there is.
        Besides Finland bought the license for AK platform legally, whereas Russians steal and copy everything from Finns without asking, take PDD34 and PPSH41 for instance

  14. Desert boots with jungle green camouflage, too much hamper on your chest (try diving down in the prone position to shoot) as an English squaddy to my Russian counterparts, we are both in the same position. People in power (our leaders) design new uniform and have it produced by the companies they have shares in. instead of improving on the old they have to concoct something totally untried and new.

  15. They look like guerillas: too much equipment (knee and elbow pads, why?), most of the stuff looks really low quality (look at the fabric of the tactical vest for example), uniforms are too big, the same goes for helmets and bulletproof vests.
    Plus, what would be unexceptable in any other army are: few kinds of camouflage on one soldier and headscarfs. They are soldiers, not pirates (though you never know).
    Still, long way ahaed of Russian army to at least look civilized.

    • I’m guessing since this is a presentation, they, well… present all kit options available – have you never seen a fighter airplane display (hint: lots more weapons they can carry at once)?

  16. Russia really needs to revamp it’s Army. Notice how many pictures of normal regular soldiers and it’s bunch of out of shape skinny children being led by a 35 year old non com.

    I do give them credit on the AN-94 and the AK-74 rifles though, they sure as heck beat out the M-4/M-16 garbage the US uses.

  17. You should never carry an assault rifle or longer sniper rifle with the muzzle down unless you want to plug it full of dirt and damage the front sight the moment you bend down or walk down a slope.

  18. Well, at least now they’re trying for a modern digital type camouflage. The pattern has too much dark in it though and really needs to be more varied.

    Remember camouflage is designed to conceal people at a distance, not right on top of you. Large blocks of the same colour are too obvious, small dots of various colours are much more natural in appearance.

    It’s about time Russia caught up with the rest of the world, but this pattern is not anywhere near as good as German camouflage is, or even Finnish or US woodland camouflage.

  19. Still look very not proffesional. The equipment doesn’t fit, it is not practical. Moreover the army of such conscripts looks very funny.

  20. nobody there knows how to apply the grease paint on their faces. They all look like a 5 year old had a field day with his finger paint.

  21. When he shoots you in the head from 200 yards I don’t think your final thought will be, “he knows not how to put grease on his face in the proper (USA) manner”. There is more than one way to skin a YANKEE. Bomb Iran and you will find out for yourself if uniforms are more important than tactics, training and COURAGE. I agree, your USA uniforms look impressive but you fight like spoiled little girls at a party that you were not invited to…you make a bunch of noise and destroy stuff but in the end YOU LOSE.

  22. I am glad to see that the Russian military is finally getting serious about the survivability of its soldiers, be it through better uniforms and armor or the new more survivable light transport vehicles. I am a bit confused because I saw only one or two guys with matching kit, ie I saw about five uniforms here. Very western and what is with the US army/Marine looking boots, they don’t make sense in most conditions a Russian soldier will see, I think boots should be brown so they are truly adaptable between forrest and desert settings. That goes for the US military as well.

  23. I think Georgian Army equipment is more effective… but the thing is that Russian Army is several times more than Georgian! I remember one quote about Russian Army: “We have power, so we don’t need knowledge”

    • P.S. there was some funny pics of soldiers boots they are underlined cuz in war in 2008 Russian soldiers were wearing the boots which were used by Soviet soldiers in World War II ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. And again the only thing Americans do is complain complain and complain… getting a headache just by reading your comments day in and day out. Please stop complaining and being so pssemistic all the time and enjoy life… sort out your underlying reasons.. wether it’s personal or anger towards your government canalizing into fear, hate and complaining.

  25. There’s i BIG difference between how Russians/Europeans communicate and interact with eachother and how Americans do it. We tend to be more positive while you have become a people I do not recognize anymore from what you were. (coming from someone being russian but living i Europe for quite some time. If you write good things then the discussion goes into another state, you become more open to other comments and that makes a good atmosphere for everybody.

  26. This post is not about how these soldiers can fight or anything. All it’s doing is showing you the uniforms. Leave your “CAll of Duty” thoughts to yourselves.

  27. Did you think that Russia can not dress up for Halloween? lol, In fact, this is the best uniforms after the collapse of the Soviet Union. before were Adidas tracksuits. lol

  28. Is enyone getting what Siberia or territory of Russia are for a NATO soldier?. It is a graveyard because the weather and no setlements for hundreds kilometers in general.Russians have the best weapons and uniforms to combat on its own territory.
    I was serving in Soviet Army and NATO as well. Just want to remind about russian Comradship and a talanted russian brain that does not need money to function. There is a lot of greaveyards of enemies in Russia. Every nation of the Europe is buried in Russian soil.
    I would respect and learn from Russians only, if I want to live a long and good life.

  29. Even if they look identical, down to their combat boots, soldiers have a way of telling an enemy from a comrade. News about friendly fires are not that plenty, anyway. As far as i know.

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