34 thoughts on “Road Traffic Incidents 2010”

    • “LOL,” Kaos says. Only very small minds with very small lives laugh at scenes like this.

      What a video… The sound is artificial, of course. Some of those reckless drivers deserve a good beating…

    • Jesus .H Christ i am having a laugh and you wanna beat them up,i guess that would make you the one with the small mind?

  1. Ok, three lessons I learned by watching this video:

    – Use crosswalks
    – Use brakes before using horn
    – Stop at red light, instead of accelerating to top speed, and on green light, stop until everybody on the other street stops

  2. Are accidents so common in Russia and are people so hardened and uncarring there that when people get in severe accidents, No One Gives a Damn? No One Gets Out to Help!!!! Do Russian’s just don’t care? It seem that if you are badly hurt in Russia, TOUGH – you are S.O.L. – another worthless piece of road-kill.
    VERY SAD !!!!!

  3. I am glad I will only drive a semi truck in the USA and not in Russia!I learned in class that drivers in Arizona run red lights,I will do more traffic checks if I am sent to that state.All motorists should operate their vehicles in a safe and professional manner!!

    • You are wrong, These were just were just visitors with bad reaction who would start thinking about pushing the gas pedal when the light turn green. By they are just very slow so by the time they manage to accelerate the light changes several time. I suspect you might be one of them.

      • Yes u right, but I believe it not just visitors, as for me I newer was in russia, but I would like to go πŸ˜›

  4. I noticed that most of the accidents were the result of speeding. Also, I suspect drinking was involved in a lot of these scenes.

    I try to never enter an intersection, even if on green light, without making sure no one is speeding towards me.

  5. The people i know here are really scared to get behind the wheel after a few cocktails. They can’t believe that we do it in the SSS SHHH AAA. I bet they are all women who are texting. Thank God for public transportation.

  6. It’s interesting that 95% of these accidents can be put in 3 categories:
    – insane lane changing
    – notorious driving through red light
    – pedestrians trying to run over 32-lane roads πŸ™‚

    At least second one, which is probably most deadly, wouldn’t be too hard to stop.
    They should simply put automatic photo cameras on traffic lights which take pictures of number plate and drivers face.

    – first time – 3 months driver licence suspension
    – second time – 1 year driver licence suspension
    – third, etc. time – 3 years driver licence suspension

    And if camera catches someone whose licence already is suspended, confiscate their car.
    Or send them to forced labour in Siberia πŸ™‚

  7. Ah yes, Russian drivers. It always amazed me that in the 3 months of training required to get a driver’s license, not ONCE do they ever mention the concept of ‘yield’. Probably because the Russian word for yield is very close to that of surrender, and anyone who knows Russians know that they NEVER surrender.

    Russians know how to hit the gas and blow the horn… in that order.

    Traffic control, where it does exist is largely suggestive in nature.

    And many people simply buy their licenses which may account for the resulting carnage on the roads.

    My only question is why isn’t it worse than it is?

  8. A lot of the guys I know here didn’t get their licenses until they were at least 25. A lot of the women that age don’t even consider getting one. There is not a lot of need for them if you are in decent sized city. They are nice though if you need to hit a neighboring city quickly without much hassel.

  9. In Soviet Union times society cares about people and educate children to care about each others. In modern wild Russia all change to opposite stuff. But now propaganda educate people in hate, misantrophy and egoistic style. No respect to old ones, child, women and etc. So road rules same.

  10. he he, on 5:49 (the last accident) there is a poster of Tarantino’s “Death Proof” on lower right part of the screen.


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