26 thoughts on “Unordinary Uses of Ordinary Things – Only In Russia (Part 22)”

    • The man is using his $200,000 Maseratti as a farm truck to haul plants.

      My sister-in-law used to use her Mazda RX-7 to haul bails of hay for her horses.

      • I use my Lada to bring money to the bank. Nobody will think I have money. I drive rusting Lada with no doors.
        And this plopper for iPad is sold by Apple in Russia.

  1. The iPad hack is brilliant and a good example of Russian pragmatism. During the space race the U.S. spends millions of dollars developing an ink pen that writes in zero G, while Russia shows us how to be practical and uses an ordinary pencil for the same task.

    • Pragmatism is a two- edged sword, instead of an on board computer, a slide rule would have worked too, but then again we wouldn’t have the spin-off technology we now enjoy today, such as personal computers.

    • In your world, a plunger affixed to the bottom of an Ipod is now a “hack?” I now flush both you and your comment… LMAO!

    • Get your facts straight Geoff, the Zero G pen was invented by American industrialist Paul C. Fisher, who had no ties with NASA or the government.

  2. The thing I noticed most is that the toilet plungers in Russia have really short handles. This forces you to emmerse your hand to complete the desired task. In the modern world we use longer handles so you don’t have to dip your hand in feces water. So much for pragmatism.

    • Probably is for use in a sink.

      I wash my hands after cleaning the toilet or using a plunger on it anyway. It helps not to triple flush and fill the bowl to overflowing and you need to give the handle a washdown for sanitary purposes.

  3. Once I bought a plunger but it’s didn’t come with any instruction booklet. How do you use those things?

    • I can help you with that. Step 1 – bend over. Step 2 – grab handle and point upward. Step 3 – insert in Urantis. Step 4 – repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.

  4. Love the innovative use of the toilet plunger!!

    Now lets see what you can do for the disappearing bars on the iPone 4…

  5. IMHO… it is probably smarter to use a more low-profile auto when transporting illegal pot plants. I’m thinking something along the lines of… maybe… ZIL-E167.

  6. Actually, it’s a great idea, I just hope it was not used for anything else before they used it on their ipad.

  7. This is cool!!! Funny as hell! AMazing that Russians will use everything to make it look like its Russia. 🙂 🙂

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