15 thoughts on “White Crow Has No Fear”

  1. This is so rare! I read once that among animals it is less than 1 in 750,000 that is completely without colour. But in birds it is even rarer; the parents or other chicks will kill any like this, as they are seen as a threat, maybe aa a ‘foreigner’.If any survive to adulthood, others of the species will drive them away. Therefore their chances iof reproducing and passing on the white gene is very very small. Thanks for the great photos.

  2. I do not know, normally i do not post. (healthy ??) paranoia, i presume… You are the judge on this.The reason i replay or answer is that probably the animal was starving and wiling to take ANY risk to survive short time (ie Beyond tomorrow). Had crows for pets, smart animals, for birds.

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