17 thoughts on “Flood in Rostov”

  1. A. Bunka here. Who put that river there? Looks like certain parts of New Jersey (Tom’s River) which floods every year. This could really one’s day.

  2. Stop building your cities in the middle of rivers. Next to the river! Not in it! Let’s keep this straight people.

    • Only problem is that cities built next to rivers are now proving to be in the way of the runoff to the river, so streets become raging torrents. Amazing quantities of water are released by stationary thunderstorm fronts causing flooding where none has ever been seen in 200 years…

  3. Is Don the Don river? Toronto, Canada, has a Don river, and it flooded last week. Not as bad as Rostov on Don, but a major highway was shut down for a time.

  4. These are incredible shots. What amazes me is how determined people are to get somewhere in their cars despite the flooded streets. Someone eventually gets stuck… and it’s not pleasant.

  5. People built there towns along rivers for ease of transport. Every now and again rivers flood. Nashville gotten flooded this past spring. It happens. You clean up, file insurance claims and get on with life. Rostov on Don will be as good as new when things dry out.

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