12 thoughts on “Zombie Wedding – Accord of Black Hearts”

  1. Russians are always finding new and exciting ways to cheapen the insitution of marriage. No wonder the population is declining so rapidly. Pretty soon it will be the Islamic state of Russia.

  2. We do this in the states, but call it Zombie Pub Crawl. P.S If my man offered me an engagement ring like that, I might have killed him.

  3. I feel bad for the people who work at the marriage council, every day they must see some weird ideas for wedding and they have to put up with all this zombie and kittens or hell knows what else. I just wonder how they keep their jobs 🙂

  4. Another demented bride and groom. The people who perished for their country in the Great Patriotic War died in vain. What is becoming of Russia?

  5. Same thing that’s becoming of the United States….. The flush handle has been activated, and we’re just circling the bowl now….

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