26 thoughts on “Darling Kitty! Another Unusual Wedding”

  1. WTF! These people should be forcably steilized. There is no way their genes should be swimming in our pool. Please someone chemically castrate that guy.

  2. If I ever get like that – you all have my permission to shoot me in the head. Ask no questions, just shoot. There will be no point in continued living and I will obviously be so far gone I will not realize that I need to die.

    P.S. – Dog paint on face is OK – don’t shoot me for that.

  3. clearly, it is just a stunt. these people seem to be actors, crashing one of their friends wedding. it the picture in the middle of the post, you can see them with 2 other couples, one of which looks like real bride and groom.
    but good effort, managed to fool lots of people!

  4. She looks like she’s WAY more into than he is. He’s just going along with it just so he can get laid.

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