Train Cemetery

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Each thing on the Earth has its life span regardless of whether it is a living being or just a piece of metal. And so when the clock begins ticking its last minutes and everything’s drawing to a close, there is a place where one is supposed to go to.

The train cemetery is located in Moscow region. Just look at eyes of them worn trains, they are full of sorrow, but still if you look at them with a right kind of eye you will see a faint twinkle in these old wreckages.

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7 thoughts on “Train Cemetery”

  1. For some reason, old steam locomotives always seem more interesting to me. These old wrecks do look a little sad. At one time they were the most up to date machines, this is how we all go!

  2. “How long baby how long, has that, evening train been gone? it’s been gone since that blood red sun went down…


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