White House… Hotel

Russian White House Hotel

In Ukraine they have built a hotel that as they claim “looks almost absolutely the same as White House of United States”.

Leaving the truth behind their claims aside, we must to admit there are still plenty of people who fall for this and want to visit and spend a night in an Oval office.

Russian White House Hotel 2

Russian White House Hotel 5

Russian White House Hotel 6

Russian White House Hotel 7

Russian White House Hotel 8
They even have a Barack Obama statue greeting the newcomers.

Russian White House Hotel 9

Russian White House Hotel 10

Russian White House Hotel 11

Russian White House Hotel 12

22 thoughts on “White House… Hotel”

  1. The White House was never burned down, the White House is what exists now AFTER the previous presidential home was razed. It wasn’t called the White House before then, and it wasn’t burned down, it just had its interior burned.

    And contrary to popular Canadian myth-making, Canadians didn’t do it, British Redcoats did.

    • The British troop who burnt down Washington came from the British colony that became Canada in 1867. I’ll take my country (the worlds second largest, with a population the size of Mexico city) over the ignorant, and rapidly transforming into a fascist theocratic USA. At least our children don’t die from a lack of health care.

  2. That cutout of obama look better standing inside Kremlin/Red Square where he belongs. He’d just be so much more at home there.

  3. It would help if they take that tacky H O T E L off and keep it off!

    Landscaping would NOT hurt either! Those grounds look like sh!t! 🙁

  4. “Fall for this” means that somebody got burned by some fraudulent scheme. Here everything is very clear – you pay for what you see.


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