19 thoughts on “Wanna Ride In The Sky”

  1. This is first creation for Russian television reality show “Russian Chopper”. Better than American version certainly.

  2. Russia finally gave up on making fighter jets. This must be the ‘new’ Russian air-force. So wonderful and scary…..;-))

  3. i would love to see the stop lights at night… im sure they can cause a lot of accidents to the rear drivers.

  4. If you like overweight cruiser motorcycles tarted up as a road-going joke, I expect it is ‘cool’.

    I’m an ordinary biker who just rides an ordinary bike (an unremarkable old Honda – very reliable, comfy, and fast enough). I’ve no time for the supersports type of bike, or the cruiser type – the one’s uncomfortable and far too fast for the public highway; the other’s just not up to the job.

    Like most bikers, I reckon that overweight underpowered Vee-twin cruisers (e.g., traditional H-Ds with US-designed engines [the V-Rods have much better German-designed engines], and things like the Drag Star and so on) aren’t really practical motorcycles for day to day use and are mostly bought as fashion accessories.

    So this thing – oh dearie dearie me…

    I don’t think I’d want to ride that monstrosity on the public highway. It’s even fatter and heavier – and sssllloowweerrr – than the stock bike it’s based on. I hate to think what all that extra weight does to the handling of the thing.

    As a brilliantly executed joke, it’s superb – as a practical motorcycle, it’s hopeless.

    • Supersport bikes are too fast for public highways? That’s ridiculous. Just because you have the ability to go damn near 200mph doesn’t mean you have to. You can crawl along at 45mph (just like on your old Honda there) if you like

  5. From reading the comments from so many posts I get a sense that people who comment here a psychologically ill, unaware of the world and dont have a life. Very sad.

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