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  1. Yup, you won’t see shots like #37- the topless young girls, anymore, it’d be called kiddie porn. Some of those young ladies have just reached puberty and it shows.

  2. Anyone read “Casino Moscow”? There’s a great chapter in there which takes place at a former Soviet summer camp, involving some idealistic young university graduates fresh from Western business schools, trying to teach Western-style economics to a bunch of lawless kids of all ages. Absolutely hilarious results!

  3. Water colored propaganda. Nostalgic, but nostalgic in the very old Soviet cold-war “faker” way. I’m not buying it, and anyone with half a brain here ‘aint either. LOLZ toolz!

      • My dear Kirov (fake or real – it does not matter)… My “services,” as you say, are not for sale to any god or government. My comments are mine alone. So I will buy you a big steaming cup of STFU. Oh, and, you’re welcome, ‘tard.

  4. Hitlerjugend – organization whos sole purpouse was 2 brainwash youth so that they would be blindly loyal 2 der fuhrer and a totalitarian regime.

    The piooners – an organization which had 2 purpouses:
    1. giving yout healthy values (being active, learning stuff etc)
    2. being semi-brainwashed into being MARXISTS.

    • hmmmm… there is no difference and the best part is – you know it!
      Both of these youth organizations required absolute subordinance and following the propaganda.

      What was different was the color of their shirts.

  5. It’s called the Boy Scouts.
    As much as I hate to admit it, USSR did have these camps and they were very nice. This is not propaganda. Artek in Crimea was one of the really nice ones, reserved for offspring of commie leadership in socialist wonderland.

    • I remember a girl who, during 80s, was awarded a stay in Artek after she won a competition in poetry recitation organized by local organization of pro-Soviet collaborators. When she returned, she was deeply shocked by concentration camp-like drill and tragic quality of food.

  6. the kids that went to these camps are adults now and these photos are memories of their childhood….probably their happiest times.

  7. In the Soviet education the girl were brought up together with boys. This essential distinction nazi formation (separate education).

  8. I am from India and never been to any of these camps. But I have read an account of a girl from my place who had spent a summer in Artek camp and it was a really nice experience for her. So I don’t think all was propaganda.

  9. Great website you have here, wondering if you developed it yourself or has it been professionally created? Many thanks!

  10. Hi guys, I agree with Sergey, definitely Ocean camp in Vladivostok is one of the best camp so far. I was there in 1985
    (in Vietnamese group),that was a great time with great Russian friends. I wish coming back Okean to visit another day.

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