Blue Bucket Guys Comeback


There were already a few posts about blue-buckets so you have probably know who they are and why are they doing that.

Several days ago in Moscow there was again held a running of cars of those drivers who are absolutely dissentient with ‘governmental’ cars equipped with flashlights, and thus, able to behave themselves unlawful.

But this time it was something unusual about the event. More than 100 cars (according to initiators of the running) took part. So, let’s see what these people really think of flashlights.
















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16 thoughts on “Blue Bucket Guys Comeback”

      • Ah, OK. There should be a movement where EVERYONE buys the right to use the flashers! Let’s watch the municipalities who offered this “great idea” sort out the mess when nobody obeys any traffic rules anymore.

        (No, I think that’s a terrible idea, I wouldn’t want there to be horrible traffic wrecks and people getting hurt. I just want to see rich douchebags who think they are better and have the right to drive that way — even if they did “buy” that right — get some sort of comeuppance.)

        Long live, Blue-buckethead!

    • You ain’t got it right. One guy took his kids small blue bucket and glued it on top of the car as a joke… so other drivers in traffic where more cautious seeing what seemed to be an official car, but the trick became famous when he was stopped by police and they couldn’t put any charge on him because he didn’t had any flashing light device that requests a permission to use, he just had a bucket glued on the car, so no proof of faking.

  1. Rich people buy the right to use the blue flasher, having the same rights on the streets as a cops car when the flasher is on. I heard they pay something around 60.000 euros.

    • Soon, if you are just an average citizen without a lot of money you will be thrown back to 19th century. No education worthy of the label, ditto for healthcare and cultural development.

      Why ?

      Government signed a law few weeks ago that will cut in essence governmental support to all hospitals, schools and museums that serve less than a specific number of people [being a lot]. In essence, all that are living outside the BIG cities will have no access to civilisation anymore. Unless you have a lot of money.
      But then you wouldn’t live there…

  2. In canada, blue lights are for snow removal. I remember some 7-8 years ago when the ricer phase was at its peak, cops would give tickets out for imitating a snow removal vehicle for anyone with a blue light!


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