Abbey Road, St. Petersburg


Russian search engine has started some time ago a panoramic view, like Street View from Google Maps. The one interesting panorama that was fast discovered by web surfers was this one on the picture above. It can be reached by this link.

There were much talks later on Russian Internet discussing, if this was made on purpose or was a pure coincidence. The issue was resolved upon a confession of one guy who told the public that it was them who deliberately contacted the search engine team prior them started making panoramic shots of St.Petersburg and offered to do such a trick, which later helped to gain great deal of attention to the product itself.


And this is the device that could be mounted on a top of any passenger car that consists of four ten megapixel digital cameras pointing in four directions. The car cruises slowly thru the streets of the city making four cameras get shots, all at the same time, in every 30-60 meters (100-200 feet).

UPDATED: Just to be sure that all recognize what’s the point in this, here is a shot of a Beatles album cover, called “Abbey Road“:


And one more thing. Here you can see the whole panorama of that spot. Click to see the full sized one:


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