Training of Young Rembos

Young Rembos Training 1

In Sengileevskoye village not far from Stavropol city, former servicemen settled a military camp for boys. Now in the camp are thirty boys aged 10-18 who learn foundations of martial art and how to handle a weapon.

A pupil of the camp has burnt in the sun and is spreading sour cream over his face.

Young Rembos Training 2

The boys are stripping the Kalashnikov guns.

Young Rembos Training 3

A boy is watching his friends training in the military camp.

Young Rembos Training 4

Another boy is aiming at his friend.

Young Rembos Training 5

Boys are sitting on the armored vehicle.

Young Rembos Training 6

Trainers believe that life and study in military camps makes teens capable of great endurance.

Young Rembos Training 7

Boys are crossing themselves in front of the icons. Each day of the young soldiers ends in praying.

Young Rembos Training 8

Staying in a queue for food.

Young Rembos Training 9

Lesson of physical training.

Young Rembos Training 10

In their beds inside a house of the military camp.

Young Rembos Training 11

A boy is holding on a cartridge-case.

First military camps appeared in Sparta: boys aged 7 were sent to special military camps where they were taught to survive. Those who didn’t manage, died.

Young Rembos Training 12

Bathing in a pool of the camp.

Young Rembos Training 13

During a quick-march in Sengileevskoye village.

Young Rembos Training 14

44 thoughts on “Training of Young Rembos”

  1. that is a good idea, it gives them something better to do than streetlife, drugs. And such camps makes them better people.

  2. Intresting ! I also loved guns since I was a Kid … I think all boys do (of course if you are not gay)

    But they use real amunation ?

    And how did they got aproval for this ? I mean its Russia but still something … to care about childrens life is not a situation to joke 😀

  3. As others stated above, better that they go to camp than to be out on the street doing what ever they want. Nice seeing people take the initiative to help these boys out.

    • I agree. This is a great example of teaching young people self-sufficiency as well as cooperation within the group.

      The only thing different I would teach them is not to point guns at yourself or another person unless you fully intend to use them. No matter how careful one thinks he or she is, accidents can still happen.

  4. Poor moonbat liberals are going to be jumping off high rises come November after a tea party foot stomp on the socialist agenda here in America and sign up more parents and there kids to join the NRA .

  5. In my humble opinion, the child seen aiming at a friend seemingly in play, isn’t being taught how to handle guns responsibly and safely.

  6. 1. LOL Rembo != Rambo. Get a clue, stoopid.

    2. Guess that kid has a pretty hairy nose if he needs to shave it. Bwahahahahahaah.

    You FAIL.

  7. This is the most depressing camp I have ever seen. The conditions are horrible. However, I am happy that Russia is preparing a generation of Child Soldiers. When Russia’s population is depleted to a level where the Chinese can’t resist invading Siberia ( for it’s resources), Russia will have some children to defend her.

  8. The boys love the weapons and discipline, I’ve loved, I have not received real weapons and real discipline. I served.

  9. Interesting Post.

    The idea is great. I certainly agree that it’s wonderful these people are teaching these boys survival skills.

    I also agree that it’s wrong for that boy to be pointing the weapon at the other boy. They seriously need to stress gun safety in this program.

    Also this camp appears disorganized and ragged! And WTF is up with that disgusting swimming pool!?! YUK People!

    • Probably since this is a privately funded camp, there’s not a lot of money for improvements. This lake area is a long, long way from Moscow.

  10. Survival camp:OK, but arms training? They’d better use the money to turn the Russian army in a smaller, more professional one, and abolish conscription. The only thing this conscription does is traumatizing whole young Russian generations. Being subjected to a sadistic and drunk officer/older recrute doesn’t turn someone into a “MAN”. It turns him into a sick, depressed living thing. And what’s so “manly” about handling weapons anyway?
    Everybody could kill someone if they’d have a weapon, so I don’t see anything “cool” about it. And for the Americans: you should be glad with someone like Obama, who dares to think critically about his own country, which is the whole POINT of democracy. Now that’s a real MAN.

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  12. “Boys are crossing themselves in front of the icons. Each day of the young soldiers ends in praying.”

    ‘Rat! The organizers of the club must’ve gone totally nuts with their Czar-worship. Besides, this is soooo typical of 1) Christians in general, 2) Russians in particular – to pray to a deity of love while hanging guns and training combatants. Makes perfect sense, guys, keep going.


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