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  1. Lots of happy, imaginative people having fun. What’s not to like? No idea what it’s all about but those people went to a lot of trouble and seem to be enjoying themselves. That’s a good thing, I would have thought?

    Ah, I forgot – this is English Russia forum where happy, imaginative people are sneered at and criticised by failed comedians and the mentally ill!

  2. “So pretty they are!” not to sure about that ,the one in the middle of the sixth picture with the blue feathers looks like a bloke, and some of the others are a bit on the rough side!

    • Ha, your jealousy is music to my ears.

      I guess you would prefer the abruptly obese women in america xD haha.

      True you wouldn’t need floating couches for your pool, you’d have your “wife”.

  3. they are so thin. it is amazing. Mind you when ever you get 5 women together you get a dress war. So by getting 50-100 women you have dress armageddon. They are so civilised. you get that amount of men together everyone gets drunk and has a fight.I expect birth rates to go up in Russia very soon.

  4. I would like to know how many Russian people have access to the internet? I have spent fifteen years at home in my spare time surfing the internet. All that time I was curious about Russian people in general. It wasn’t until I somehow ran across (ER) that I finally found a very large and fascinating window into the real Russian culture. If I may offer my very humble opinion,I know now that Russians are quite remarkable. I can only hope that they themselves realize how much they stand out as highly intelligent,and extremely imaginative. Not to mention how very hard and I do stress (hard) working they are. One could go on and on about things like how resourceful they are. A quality that stands out above other countries is they really know how to have fun and get the most out of life. I live in Ontario Canada and although I love my Country and my freedom completely,life here lacks excitement and interest. We have it way too easy and are swiftly becoming a nation of couch potatoes. All countries have there problems of course but to finish I will say it has been a lot of fun to be able to have had a glimpse of the Russian people. RB

    • You should visit Russia some day.
      You will stand corrected. The incredible paralyzing co.r.ruption and the ego.ism cannot be caught on pictures.

      Russia is surreal.
      Xeno.phobic and hospitable [rural areas mostly] at the same time. Russians: envious in a way you can’t believe: they can steal something from you not because they want it, but because they don’t want you to have it. Etc.
      Many good people too, mind you, but the core is r0tten.

      • I chose not to think of the negative things because Russians have been through unimaginable suffering for maybe centuries. I am not sure of the exact history and every area is a bit different. If you think of every human being as basically good and not evil. Then if you add in what they have had to put up with and the centuries of time. Its no wonder they have to adapt the best they can. I see the good in all people before I see the bad. I think this is how the good lord sees us.He only looks at the good and not the bad,if we try to put away the bad in ourselves he helps us to find him. If we choose to live with the good and bad together, maybe the evil and greed starts to take over and he puts more distance between us and himself. What do you think?

        • I agree. If everyone just focused on doing the next right thing….(do unto others as….) the world would be at peace. I enjoyed the positive comments please keep it up!

  5. I would not like the photographer that took this pictures at my wedding. These are mostly attractive women but whoever was taking pictures did it in the most unflattering way possible.

  6. Again so many single girls a couple were cute with lot’s of make up I’m sure they had a couple of drag queens in the mix. Too many desperate single girls all over that vast county ready and willing to steal ensnare a man even married are not off limits because they all want a beatiful life after the misery of Soviet life! Oh did you hear that alot of russian chicks don’t want to use deordorants and antiperspirants and don’t wash their ass cracks? after a visit to the loo? Especially the ones who work as catwalk models!!!!!

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