Favourite Stalin’s Car


The first armored car of upper class for the Soviet party-governmental elite was made in the end of 1940s at the automobile plant n.a. Stalin, later renamed after Likhachov.

The armored car ZIS-115 was produced in 1946-47. All in all there were manufactured about 32 copies of such limousines. The main person this car was made for was Joseph Stalin.

In fact ZIS-115 does not differ much from its prototype ZIS-110, but it has a central fog lamp, two special alarm lights, larger tires without white sides, a big cut of a rear wing from outer side for big wheelsmounting and “cloud” window glasses.


Thickness of the glasses in ZIS-115 reaches 7,5cm. 6 meters -long limo weighing 4280 kg could make 120 km/h, however fuel consumption was crazy: 27,5 l per 100 km.


ZIS-115 was armored in a special way. Armor protection was called “armor capsule” and represented a sole armor cover, sheathed with body panels from outside.


Selectively ZIS-115 cars were equipped with air conditioners.


Stalin never used one car two days running. He constantly changed cars and tangled routes.


Drivers were always very nervous. But they always had “a green light” on their way.



By now there has been over a long process of restoration of a rarest armor limo in a shop “Retromechanica”. Experts assert only this ZIS-115 to be the last one of those who conveyed “The Soviet Leader”.

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  1. yeah well… but I wonder here the other cars went. I do not believe they simply went missing, not such cars and not in Russia.

  2. I’ve heard a strange story about that limo during my trip to Riga’s (Latvia) cars museum. There was the case, when the door fell down from the car while it was opened. It has hapened because the mechanism just physically couldn’t stand the weight of the door construction. As I remember, someone from constructors or ingineers was condemned and executed.

  3. One of the tenets of a dictatorship, make everybody else poor so you and those of you at the top can live like kings.

    That’s one reason a lot of people like the idea of a dictatorship, they all think they’ll be at the top, living like kings. Once the find out they’re one of the poor people, they don’t like it any longer.

    Sad Russia had to copy everything. Russia has some very smart people and can design stuff (AK-47 anybody?). I think they were just trying to save money on the design/testing/development costs by copying/stealing what was already known to work. The Boeing bomber was a good example, right down to the nameplate.

    If only they had applied their ability to make copies, into designing stuff, they’d have done well.

  4. “make everybody else poor so you and those of you at the top can live like kings”

    This could NEVER happen in the great USA.

  5. The problem here in the USA is lazy people living off our government that don’t produce any wealth of there own and think that they are entitled to other peoples hard earned money because they are raised to believe that it is there right to not work and live on welfare in poverty and blame wealthier people for there bad decisions that keep them there in poverty in the first place .

      • Yeah, socialism is just great isn’t it? Working everywhere, like Greece for instance (and the once great UK).

        The problem with socialism, is you run out of other people’s money too soon. The ones working soon get tired of supporting everybody and stop working. Then where are ya? There’s always more welfare addicts than there are people to support them.

        And you sound like one of them. You know you can donate all your money any time you want. But you don’t want, you want to use the police powers of the state to take it from other people.

  6. Cruisin, on a Sunday afternoon, ooo ooo weee … that’s what I thin about when eye see that car. Who sung that song, was it Smokey wazzis name?

  7. 27,5 l per 100 km for a 4280 kg at 120 km/h??

    Not bad!

    We had six cylinder vans half that weight that got that mileage.

    Not bad, not bad at all.

  8. In fact ZIS-115 does not differ much from its prototype ZIS-110…?
    Friends, according to my data origin http://www.Guscha.de 27,5 l per 100 km was the consumption of the ZIS-110 instead of the armored 115. A 115 has an oil radiator, two batteries, an additional panel, 6 seats instead of 7, a complete different rear axle, changed wheel suspensions, reinforced springs, a different wiring harness, another oil pump, other tire dimensions and different tire rubber compound, higher engine performance, a reinforced starter, another fuel filter design, a complete different window lifter mechanism, a redundant ignition system …

    Well, the color of both cars was comparable to each other.
    The last picture isn’t showing the so-called last survivor but a usual ZIS-110.

  9. Never forget that Staling was a mass murderer, a paranoidal killer. He not only killed ppl in countires he attacked, but also his own, Soviet ppl. He is equal to Hitler in terms of evil that he brought to the world. Stop praising him and start telling the history as it was – do not obscure it by saying lies.


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