Thermal Power Plant Construction

Thermal Power Plant Construction 2

Thermal station (TPP) is a thermal power plant producing energy and being a heat source of energy in district heating supply system of the city (central heating, hot water).

We offer to see the pictures of TPP construction, paying attention at its scope. The main building of the thermal power plant is a real huge city located on several tiers in a large iron box. 

Thermal Power Plant Construction 3

Thermal Power Plant Construction 4

Thermal Power Plant Construction 5

Thermal Power Plant Construction 6

Thermal Power Plant Construction 7

Thermal Power Plant Construction 8

Thermal Power Plant Construction 9

Thermal Power Plant Construction 10

Thermal Power Plant Construction 11

Thermal Power Plant Construction 12

Thermal Power Plant Construction 13

Thermal Power Plant Construction 14

Thermal Power Plant Construction 15

Thermal Power Plant Construction 16

Thermal Power Plant Construction 17

Thermal Power Plant Construction 18

Thermal Power Plant Construction 19

Thermal Power Plant Construction 20

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  1. to each his own, I think its a fascinating example of engineering craftsmanship tool and die machining,not to mention welding, pipe bending etc. If there is a welder here,can you tell me what the random welds are for that are all over the manifold?
    (picture # 6 reminds me of the pipes screen saver in windows)

    • @RB…those patterns of straps may be sensors in case it expands or gets too hot. You cab see the little sensors and inter-connecting wires. They’re a good safety feature to have considering the high temps and pressure involved here.

      • I don’t understand why we don’t have the same thing here in Canada. I am sure there might be one or two but It makes so much sense to make use of a free source of heat.

        • RB, what you see is not a “thermal power plant” as you envision it. Its source of energy is most likely natural gas (not geothermal as you infer). It would be better described as “co-generation” plant, where electricty is produced, as well as steam (or hot water) for heating of buildings.
          Such plants are common in North America, especially in older/smaller plants situated in cities.

          • Pictures 7 and 17 look like heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) from gas turbines and I think that I can see an inlet for air in 17 but it’s difficult to see if there are gas turbines on the other side. But, if there are gas turbines and if the pictures are in Russia, then they’re probably 9Fs which are 400 MW or more (I think) and the HRSGs will produces more steam than the single (or only one is shown) steam turbine (which is probably only 200 MW) can use. Factories and refineries use this configuration and produce steam for their processes. So, the rest is probably piped through out the city where it’s located. Only 20% of the heat from the thermal plant where I lived reached residences. And they shut down for maintenance during the summer which means no hot water for one or two months. Individual water heaters are really the way to go there.

    • I believe what you see is a basis for attaching thermal insulation to the manifold. (I am not welder, but engineer)

    • They install some modern equipment or change some outdated equipment. Every city already have one or several TPP`s.

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