Soviet Bombing, 1977

bomb attack in Soviet Russia

Looks like they had bombings even in Soviet Union, back at the peaceful and quite 1970s. That times when anything anti-Soviet was banned, and people couldn’t gather in groups larger than three of participants for the reasons different than praising Soviet regime it looks rather surrealistic and unreal, but still there were some.

Day of January 8th, 1977 had three of those happened almost at once in the Soviet capital, the Moscow city. One was in the subway (maybe that was the first of the subway bombings ever) and other too happened in the grocery store and in a residential complex. Seven were killed and more than thirty wounded.

The authorities didn’t succeed too much in catching the suspects, and as a matter of a fact didn’t have reasons to suspect anyone neither enough evidences to build up any sane versions of who could do this. No any groups took the responsibility too, in reality there were no any groups operating in Soviet Union before this accident.

bomb attack in Soviet Russia 2

bomb attack in Soviet Russia 3

bomb attack in Soviet Russia 4

What happened next, is that somewhere on the railway station a worried citizen has found a neglected bag with something making tic tac sound covered with wires. This gave the detectives much more evidences which eventually lead them for the detention of the three people from Armenian Republic who were known for their public statements of separatism.

bomb attack in Soviet Russia 5

All three were eventually executed.

And same time some Russian people called all this a murder and fake, made up by special services for some of their own reasons, just same as it is often being suggested nowadays.

Now, thirty three years later, there is no any hope for the truth to be uncovered on who and why has committed this in “peaceful” Soviet times.

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13 thoughts on “Soviet Bombing, 1977”

  1. Now, thirty three years later, it is completely obvious to anyone sane that Caucasus is a terrorism hotbed, as it always was. “Peaceful times” usually taken for granted were a direct result of KGB counter-terrorism efforts efficiency.

    • No man, you can’t blame all Caucasians, it says clearly: Armenian Republic, they also did 2 similar terror attacks in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1994 and 1995. Have you ever heard of any Azerbaijani or Georgian terrorist? even the guy who attempted assassination on George Bush in Tbilisi, Georgia was Armenian.

  2. its not a secret that people from arab countrys support terrorist around the world…including turkish separatism.
    so russian people need to stop visiting turkey.

    • Very interesting post, I agree with your observations, and I think the criticism is fair and deserved.

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