42 thoughts on “Elk Rescue In Estonia”

    • I don’t understand the favoritism taking place here. If that was Elk or Freemason or Shriner, they would have shot them right away. Bigots!

  1. I can’t believe they wasted time and money on this. They should have just shot and ate him. Darwinism is best served as barbequed elk.

  2. anyways…how is estonia related to russia? neighbors? well usa (alaska) is also a neighbor to russia. moreover – alaska belonged to russia til 19th century so why not publish american/alaskan pictures too?

  3. Elks are coming to town in every spring, this time they have babies and older elks are separating from their parents, searching for suitable living place around. So they got to city and get confused. Many die of heart failures while people try to rescue them. They are really good at swimming too, will swim distances like 20 km for sure. Just this time it happened near harbor of passenger ships (to Helsinki and Stockholm). This elk probably had already swimed like 5 km because there is no woods more near to central harbor.

  4. Well in that part of the world, an Elk is a Moose, Our Elk are just extra large Red Deer if you will. Looks like a young cow. Even here in Connecticut where I live in the US we have a growing population of Eastern Canadian Moose right now about 200, in about another 20 years or so we will be able to hunt moose. They are common in most places where found. The hunt a lot for them in Sweden Norway Finland, And Russia. Moose are Food.

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