Bon Appetit Fail

Bon Appetit! 1

These dishes were cooked by some nice Russian girl who shared these pictures in cooks’ forum. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get any approval.  So was it yummy or not!?

OMG! Who is it?

Bon Appetit! 2

Weary anaconda.

Bon Appetit! 3

Embryos or maggots?

Bon Appetit! 4

Bloody gruel – garnet bracelet.

Bon Appetit! 5

Baked pudding with buckwheat and fish.

Bon Appetit! 6


Bon Appetit! 7


Bon Appetit! 8

Summer farewell!

Bon Appetit! 9

And this is  food for kids … rather inventive …

Bon Appetit! 10

And it’s a kiwi cake!

Bon Appetit! 11


Bon Appetit! 12

Stuffed chicken legs – “surprise for supper”.

Bon Appetit! 13

No comments really.

Bon Appetit! 14

Cute omelette.

Bon Appetit! 15

Raped and dismembered tomato. In pilau, probably.

Bon Appetit! 16

“Country soup” – yeah, it’s hard in the country today.

Bon Appetit! 17

Brothers octopuses.

Bon Appetit! 18


Bon Appetit! 19

Chicken in bikini.

Bon Appetit! 20

Oswiecim, part 2.

Bon Appetit! 21

Great masterpiece!

Bon Appetit! 22

Feel hungry?

39 thoughts on “Bon Appetit Fail”

  1. This is a compilation of the various posts from the russian livejournal community mayonesa_nax. You can see more here:

  2. I think she needs to try a few more times until it all comes back to her. She needs to try her own dishes and maybe take a few classes.

    I know I would try some of the dishes listed.

    p.s. I know plenty of women that cant cook even if their lives depended on it.

  3. Without tasting, hard to say. Probably something is good there, I would try some for sure. THen again, I eat anything.

  4. The last pix looks like the US dish called “beer butt chicken”. Just like it sounds, chicken baked on top of a can of beer. Steamed and flavored at the same time, it is VERY yummy and quite tender.

  5. This is HILARIOUS!!!

    The smiling omelette picture… the hotdogs are out of focus like they’re under water… did she DROWN the poor creature???

    My advice for anyone who wants to lose weight for Summer bathing suit weather, just look at these photos before every meal. The pounds will fall right off!

  6. Reminds me of a landlady I once had, who took perfectly good food, and made it disgusting.I gave up and ate at nearest restaurant.

  7. She might be just a bad photographer. Had she lowered the camera and used some creative lighting the results could be very different.

  8. BARF! Nobody taught me how to cook but god damn, my cooking looks like top chef quality compared to that. OY VEY!

  9. Not embryos or maggots: they’re shrimps, obviously. Never seen before?

    Pics are definitely not the better way to judge food. I prefer to judge it by taste.

  10. Guys, this is all in so many delicious that I can not even convey how.
    1 Image: “beating of beef” – it can not be good.
    2. chicken – you know.
    3,4,5 do not know.
    6,7 – very tasty!
    8 – lettuce, quenching thirst and hunger

  11. Lol you can really SEE how the girl tried to be creative and inventive but damn if she doesn’t fall short of her aspirations every single time. Poor girl 🙁

  12. omg , it was all so bad , i cant imagine eating any of it willingly , not even to make her feel good , i would have been hiding it in my purse or hoping they had a dog .


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