Japanese Look on Ukrainian Junkies

Junkies from Ukraine 1

This photographer is Japanese by origin but looks like he is fond of spending time in post communism countries. He lived for a long time in Romania, and now travelled to Ukraine and lived among the local junkies making those photos showing how they live and what this lifestyle can lead to.

Junkies from Ukraine 2

Junkies from Ukraine 3

Junkies from Ukraine 4

Junkies from Ukraine 5

Junkies from Ukraine 6

Junkies from Ukraine 7

Junkies from Ukraine 8

Junkies from Ukraine 9

Junkies from Ukraine 10

Junkies from Ukraine 11

Junkies from Ukraine 12

Junkies from Ukraine 13

Junkies from Ukraine 14

Junkies from Ukraine 15

Junkies from Ukraine 16

photos by Ikuru Kuwajima

20 thoughts on “Japanese Look on Ukrainian Junkies”

  1. If I had that much time, and such a location, I would get that E30 running instead of wasting time with narcotics.

    • Most of them didn’t graduate from school. They dont know what E30 is, so do i btw. I doubt they can even wright propely.

    • Yes, but Jed, we know you and what a miserable failure you are. It is easy to type a bold statement on the internet, but look at your life. What have you done since your appearance in the universe? Pissed away your time, almost exclusively.

      You need to spend less time worrying about what people in conditions harder than you could ever imagine (let alone survive) are doing, and start living a life that has at least a modicum of meaning to it.

  2. we have a simple solution to the worlds drug problems, legalise marijuana

    it is NOT a gateway drug, it is safe

    look at holland, they hardly have any junkies !!!!!!

  3. I don’t think he’s Japanese. That is not a Japanese name. It looks like one, but it is not – it is a fabricated name. Interesting though.

  4. The man who took these pictures tells us a story: don’t do drugs. These pictures and others like them should be shown to young people everywhere, let them see what they can get themselves into.

  5. We must do everything to reduce the number of addicts. Drug addicts are in all countries. The reason is overall loss of hope in the future, no work and no normal life.

  6. Legalize mj? Are you crazy! All the workers that I had to fire at work used mj. This drug makes you slow and clumsy. It becomes evident when you use it.

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