11 thoughts on “Soviet Soda Soft-Drinks”

  1. Most of these drinks weren’t widely available. The selection used to be very poor. Maybe nowaday folks miss them, but back then they missed them too. New word for you – “DEFICIT”

    • not widely available??? They sold them on the streets. Only Kvas was more popular than soda for kids……

  2. Hey, this all is from my Live Journal. You can find mach more labels (not only juice, but beer labels).
    Here is link: http://valaamov-osel.livejournal.com

  3. Great labels, and those small SU-standard soda bottles of thick glass were adorable. Some of these brands have still survived here (e.g. Kelluke — a sprite-like lemon soda), I don’t know about the russian ones. We mostly had regular sugar flavored soda, lemon, apple and some berry flavours were also quite common. Orange and mandarine flavors were more exotic and less available here. At least in Estonia the choice depended a lot of the local breweries — the distribution was local, each brewery supplied a few counties. No one brought Kyrgys’ or Georgians’ fancy flavors to Estonia and the other way round 😛 Many of the recipes were used in the whole union though (as you can see “Sitro” (‘Cunpo’) from different breweries). I’m pretty sure metropols like Moscow and Leningrad had a lot more choice than we had in the boarderland. Great collection 🙂 (y)

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