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  1. What a misfortune, how much effort and resources have been spent on the creation of all this. Shame capitalist Russia you can only sell wood oil ore and more to deliver sex slaves to the West!

  2. you didn’t write the main point.
    Everything on the pictures is ABANDONED.
    It is the ruins of great “Energia” project, that could open new era in human space researches, could open road to the Mars, but it was buried after USSR fell down.

    Now Russia use just small piece of Baikonur, one start point to launch Proton rockets. Everything else is abandoned.

    Great ruins of human idea, of human sience.
    Great ruins of ruined Empire.

    • Great “Energia” project? You mean buran? Haha, you ve got to be kidding me. We stopped buran cuz we understood that it would be more good if we will concentrate on rockets, not shuttles. If we will want to develop our ouwn shuttle again, we have technology already, it would be not a problem. So relax. assholio )))

  3. if someone able to read russian you can read comments to this photos here: http://drugoi.livejournal.com/3259344.html

  4. #28 can see the collapsed structure of the hangar roof which destroyed a Buran, on 2002. Also killed eight workers, and destroyed a mock-up of an Energia carrier rocket. :((

  5. There used to be a time when people dreamed about exploring space. Now Russia is broke and America spends its borrowed money on wars.

  6. Soon, Cape Kennedy will look just like this now that Obama has decided to turn America into a country of welfare loafers instead of space explorers.

  7. never been there but wanna go))
    thanx 4 pics.
    Buran is abandoned project.
    Kazakhstan and russia are now developing another project called “Baiterek”. this would be kinda upgraded Buran)

  8. Pic number 18 (Baykonur_25.jpg) is that the cockpit? Really? Is that ALL the buttons? It’s so simple, my tiny single engine Cesna has more twists and bells than that!

    • Wikipedia states that whole Buran flight was controlled by onboard computers. And that controls on photo were designed only for emergency manual control of spaceship by pilots. In fact they had never been used, since there was only one flight and it was unmanned.
      But there was also earth atmoshphere training Buran unit, don’t know what’s it’s controls looked like.

  9. In my country( Brazil),some comunists thought this is the best regime for all countries, and nowdays we can see it’s a nightmare.
    Everything is destroyed,only a bad dream.

    pour comunists

  10. pictures were made by drugoi, find him on live journal.ru
    author of this site should always post original source !!

  11. I like the pictures (it is amazing)!, it could help the space exploration if all country in the world cold invest money in this place.
    Greetings from Brazil.

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