21 thoughts on “New Adventures of a Blue Pail-Headed Guy”

  1. while there are still corpses lying in cole mines in Kuzbas thay tries to fight against flashers.


  2. sure man. you do that and you go to jail for the next decade or so. but i guess that’ll be worth it for you.

  3. You don’t know the background of the story. The car with flashers isn’t cop’s car, they’re just some rich douchebags who think they can obstruct traffic and cut you off because they have connections and privileges they don’t deserve in the first place.
    I salute you Blue Buckethead! Fight the power!

    • Long live to BlueBucketHead. Until the Russian Police becomes, as least, uncorrupted and does its job !
      Here, in France, it is strongly punished to have a flasher when you are not an ambulance, police or firefighters. The guys doing this are real outlaws, not BlueBucketHead…

      • Thank Indy for the info. Many people pretend they are important and try to get away with all kinds of $hlt. Arrogant snobs.

        But these Russians guys are so obvious about it. No wonder they bring the attack of the Blue Bucket Boys on themselves.

        BTW, the lack of traffic control lights for left turns certainly makes life exciting and dangerous near the Kremlin. {I do see some lights but they seem to be mere suggestions.]

  4. This guy is my new hero, I love how whenever you remove one pale, like a matryoshka doll, underneath lies another.

  5. strange how this seem to be organized. And by who?… the blue cone …. yes .
    Mr blue had people filming the whole thing from rooftops to show us something .
    My question is WHAT??

  6. I think its difficult for american’s to see this as anything but trouble making only because its hard to even conceive that you would have a flasher on a car that was not an official municipal or government vehicle. I think once you realize that americans would come to your side. its against everything we would like to believe in. that we all have the same rights under the law. we know thats not true but i think we rally for the blue buckets with that knowledge.


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