37 thoughts on “Gypsy Wedding”

    • Shes the oldest gypsy bride ever 😀 Everybody at the village pity her, cose she was 16 and still miss not misses

  1. Vary classy. Maybe I should get a gypsie for around the house. Do they cost much and what do you feed them?

    • Racists are so funny, petty threats and crying is all they can do anymore, because they know they’ll get they’re ass beat if they try otherwise.

  2. (Location, location, location)

    What a nice place to have a wedding party…

    Oh, the joy shared with all the guests! What a happy moment! Beautiful women, elegant men, good food, fancy drinks!

    ps: Have I seen a boy wearing handcuffs in the 14th picture?

  3. The Bride is so beautiful, her wedding gown is perfect for her.

    But she looks so sad.

    I wonder if this is an arranged marriage, I feel bad for her. That would be terrible to have to marry someone you didn’t like or love.

    I see these pictures and I think how blessed I have been.

    These are great pictures btw, thank you for sharing them.

    • But I consider your name “Otis” very underwhelming… Why did your mum give the name from a lift placard? Sorry ltl’ boy indeed, you.

  4. Of course she isn’t happy. She probably was forced to marrie some old, crepy geezer, who maybe payed her family some money or does any other favour for them.

    This is gypsy life, I know a lot of them, it’s a different world, barelly changing or evolving.
    Of course, there some modern people, of course, but even they have in certain things, for us, strange belives.

  5. I agree the girl doesn’t look very happy. Gipsy marriages are arranged, so she may not have had much say in who would be her mate.

    Of note, it’s fascinating how many parallels exist between Gipsies and certain tribes native to Rajasthan, India. From ethnic appearance to cultural practices and attire, I’m convinced that Europe’s Gipsies originated there in India


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