Attention Scores

Russian football fans

For sure those soccer fans from Ukraine know how to attract attention. Some say they want to support their team in this way but other argue that this rather distracts the team and makes it harder to concentrate on the game. You decide, it’s all on this video footage below.

And those strict police ladies, guarding the game can’t say a word!

Russian football fans 2

Russian football fans 2

22 thoughts on “Attention Scores”

  1. Makes me glad Americans have more sense than this. We actually go to enjoy the games. We don’t act like animals.

    • They are enjoying the game you muppet, what is this if it’s not enjoyment? You want still and quiet go to a cricket, snooker or tennis match.
      You want noise, atmosphere and love of the sport then go to football, rugby or hockey matches.

      As for the players being distracted, they’re professionals, they barely notice it.

    • actually this is civilized compared to american ice hockey matches, they are like UFC on ice except without any brains or dignity.

    • America feed your coutry while “smart” Russians experimented in new social structure by breaking up private farmers and letting the peasents do it. These led to your manmade famine in the breadbasket of the world, Ukraine, I understand. You are smart.

    • So, amuse me and tell me how many Americans you actually know in person. And the ones you DO know, they’re all fat slobs? Makes me wonder what kind of company you keep. Don’t let the media fool you. I’m getting tired of the stereotyping; besides, there are obese people in every country. I’ve seen enough pictures of them on this site right here as well.

  2. It’s really common in Brazil, actually, very common in latin america football.

    But it’s the first time i see people lighting fire on rooftop of the buidings near the stadium. What a show, but makes me think about safety.

    And, all that light and smoke distract players, as happened at Estudiantes X SC Internacional play last week. The goalkeeper was surrounded by smoke and was unable to defend. Interesting fact: the smoke was caused by the fans of the goalkeeper’s team.

  3. Am I on english russia or youtube?Sometimes it is hard to tell with so many countries fighting each other with their comments!

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