Chicken, Anyone?

Recently they have cancelled strict certification for food products they had before in place in Russia. Some think that’s a cool move – before you even couldn’t sell a cookie you bake without getting it certified which involved some heavy visits to authorities and getting many time and efforts wasted. So now it should be easier for farmers and food producers to market their stuff. But, as it always happens a rise of a “dark” entrepreneurship. This one particular company was getting a lot of chicken that was already not suitable to be sold and used some chemicals injections to give it an attractive look. They say it is not the only company but there are plenty of such using those “technologies”.

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  1. …”This one particular company was getting a lot of chicken that was already not suitable to be sold and used some chemicals injections to give it an attractive look”…

    The late Colonel Sanders came up with that idea first, only he called it “11 herbs and spices” to mask the diseased chicken his franchise uses.

  2. Fourth.

    By the way. This should not be published. You’re just giving terrorist ideas on the next attack. Suicide chicken bombers. This site should be banned in Afghanastan.

  3. Did I hear the gentleman in the video say he was injecting carrageenan? Same stuff they use in sexual lubricants. Maybe the chickens are for another use, not for eating!

  4. Actually youtube was banned in Pakistan yesterday.I have posted too many “this site is now banned in” comments.

  5. The Dutch have been pumping chicken with all sorts of rubbish for a decade. It’s sold without question in the EU.

  6. That’s hapenning everywhere in EU and not only with chicken. If nothing else (chemicals), there is water injected (there are special technologies in order to put in right into meat: rotating drums, needles, etc.) – in order to sell you “nothing”: water gets lost as you cook/fry it, but when you buy it, you pay for it as for rest of meat. It can be like 30% of weight. Also try frozen fish – put it into milk as usual, wait and you have fish floating in a lot of water.

    Also interesting occurencies are when you see smoked pork meat with lower price per weight than non-smoked next to it – while smoking not only involves additional processing, there is also weight lost during it…

    By the way – lifting regulations is always bad thing: in one recent EU country some twenty years ago in the euphoria of revolution, they lifted regulations for one characteristical type of sausage (knackwurst would be close to it). Original regulations were strict in required meat percetnage and exact source (it was like 30% of this meat, 40% of that meat and 10% of that) and relatively hard to meet.
    Some time after 2000, this type of sausage contained no meat only soy or in the better case some pork skins (one producer starts in order to make more, large supermarket chains pushes others for price, others do the same, maybe even more, others including the first one adapt again, maybe even more and so on). So they returned regulations for this product and now it has to contain 40% of some meat…

    And you do not want to know how nowadays beer is produced…

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