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  1. the most people don’t know that war is just a ‘game’ that the aristocrats play
    watch google.ru/search?q=alex+jones&tbs=vid:1,dur:l

    • Well, the nazi soldiers weren’t well behaved either… lets not forget that the country that suffered most losses was the USSR.

      And we can’t condemn a whole army for the behavior of a percentage of its troops, I recognize the heroism of the people that gave their life and fought for their country

    • On the eastern front it was Total War.

      There was no Geneva Convention.

      Don’t kid yourself, if you or I went through five years of what Russian soldiers went through we would most likely be not much better.

      Just look at the scum coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, many are psychopaths.

      The Americans did their share of raping the Germans as well.

  2. The sailor on pic 6 wears his Guards badge upside down (and the one next to it, too).
    IMHO the granny on pic 16 did the most reasonable thing – she is wearing only ribbons instead of the complete hardware store.

  3. That general with the two girls looks pretty happy. I thank all of those men and women,and especially those men and women who didn’t make it, for their service and sacrifice against the Axis during the war.

  4. http://media.englishrussia.com/veterans/10.jpg

    Hanuri!!! πŸ˜€

    I love this picture so much. I love everything about it: the dude, the dude’s beard, the way he’s holding the accordion, the accordion itself. My only wish is to hear the dark, sad tune I know he’s playing…

    I do wonder though, is he coming out in favor of the Gulag, or against?

    Regardless of who raped who back then, these photos are amazing.

  5. It would be interesting to know the significance of each of these medals and ribbons. Does anyone know of a web site that may have that information?

  6. More like veterans of rape murder and occupation of neutral countries. Or maybe veterans of occupied Finland. Wait…
    P.S. btw other army actions dont justify your crimes, mr rapists and murderers πŸ˜‰

  7. More like veterans of r.a.p.e, m.u.r.d.e.r and o.c.c.u.p.a.t.i.o.n of neutral countries. Or maybe veterans of occupied F.i.n.l.a.n.d. Wait…
    P.S. btw other army actions dont justify your c.r.i.m.e.s, mr r.a.p.i.s.t.s and m.u.r.d.e.r.e.r.s πŸ˜‰

  8. Vasiliy Makarovich Kononov On 29 February 1944 posing as German Wehrmacht officers, Kononov led a unit into a Latvian village and killed 9 people, including three women, one in the late stages of pregnancy who was burned alive.

  9. Vasiliy Makarovich Kononov On 29 February 1944 posing as Germa.n Wehrmach.t officer.s, Kononov led a unit into a Latvia.n village and kille.d 9 people, including three women, one in the late stages of pregnancy who was burned alive.

  10. Interesting to see the sailors with chests full of medals. Did the Soviet navy do ANYTHING significant in WW2? (other than sit in harbor drinking vodka)

    • CZenda , thank you for educating me. The scope of those Soviet atrocities IS certainly significant. Only in the Soviet Union would such barbaric acts merit a medal.

      • The Soviet sailors fought against the Germans and Romanians in the Crimea, the Germans had a nickname for them: the black death, sounds scary right:) geuss that they did do something significant to earn such a nickname.

        • Indeed Soviet Naval Infantry fought gallantly against the Germans. Since the Soviet navy was doing virtually nothing, a lot of navy personnel were assigned to fight alongside the Red Army. However, the heavily decorated sailors are not in the uniform of the naval infantry, so likely never fought as such. There is ONE photo of of a veteran in his naval infantry uniform, adorned with far fewer medals than the sailors.

    • Oh please those ships carried military markings, at least Wihlem Gustoff was a military hospital (and it was filled with soldiers).

  11. Is it just me of is 7 wearing a HSU?

    I’m sure the Totenkopf Schutzstaffel were only in Soviet territory for traffic control and to ensure all soldiers of the wehrmacht behaved like proper gentlemen.

    Far too easy for people who weren’t there to be critical of those who were. I’ll just fire off a proper salute to these people and let someone else judge them.

  12. This is very impressive; just look at all of the metals some of these people have. Of course I don’t know what any of them represent, but I can imagine that they have shown a great amount of bravery and dedication to their country to earn each one.

  13. I could find most of those medals online.Also Ronnie James Dio passed away the other day and youtube is now banned in Pakistan.

  14. If they would have given those medals before the war less soldiers would have died, becuase I think that armour on their chest couldn’t be penetrated by any bullets.

  15. Damm! Russia must give a medal for everything. More medals less pension. It looks like each soldier won the war by himself.

  16. and this badge is for learning to tie my shoelace, and this one is for making my own bed, and this one is for eating all my dinnner, and this one is…….
    Pathetic, keep the peasants happy with shiny medals and colorful ribbons

  17. Number 11 , spot on! Here in New Zealand we have not long ago had ANZAC day. To celebrate the Kiwi’s heroism and sacrifice of all millitary in winning the imperfect peace we have today.This is the same for all everywhere. Imagine just what would the world be like now if we had lost to the Nazi’s?.Yes OK, Stalin and even Churchill and Roosevelte made bad mistakes, slaughtered many needlessly, did terrible things, but all for an overall good cause. H

    • Bluudy firefox crashed – to continue.
      Have respect for all those who fought for the imperfect world we have today. Honour them and their sacrifices.Respect them. Always remember,what those who came before have done,- even those Germans who stood against Hitler and went to the gas chambers. Watch the price of freedom, so we do not have to pay it all over again like they did.Thanks.

  18. Guess someone is Polish.
    u don’t know history either.
    Poland betrayed Europe secretely by having a pact with Germany (like half of European countries)
    Do you know anything about Polish jews? I bet Russians did this!Right?!?
    You should be grateful.

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