President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath

President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath 1

Recently when Russian president visited Ukraine, both presidents laid a wreath on a grave of an unknown soldier.

The wind was so strong and the huge wreath fell on the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich. He didn’t suffer though pictures of the incident are still entertaining dwellers of Ukraine …

President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath 2

President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath 3

President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath 4

President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath 5

President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath 6

President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath 7

16 thoughts on “President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath”

  1. with this president Ukraine canot join the European Union and NATO they will stay with Russia but they will not help Ukraine .

    Russia is only using Ukraine for theyr military base in Sevastopol .

    • Tell me, do you really think that Europe and NATO needs Ukraine for something else? As soon as Ukraine will enter NATO and EU, it will be flooded with NATO military, it will have to stop selling weapons to most of its todays clients (Iran, Korea, Libya, etc..) and probably will have to stop producing certain types of weapons (that happened to the Czech Republic). So it will loose an huge amount of revenue from the weapon sector. Most of the military equipment will have to be replaced by NATO-approved (and that costs money), EU will impose a whole bunch of restrictions in agrarian sector (like in Poland), ecology (Ukraine will have to close its coal mines so lots of jobs will be lost and it will have to buy more energy abroad), and it will push on the Ukrainian market European products so lots of Ukrainian food producers will have to go out of business because their production costs are a lot higher than for example Spain or Greece (restructuring costs a lot of money).

      Do not look at the west as saviors and friends. They will use Ukraine in the same way as Russia, because in politics there are no friends and brothers. There are just political, military and economic interest, greed and opportunism.

      My advice: Grow up and turn on your brain.

      • In politics there might be no friends and brothers, but we ordinary Russians still consider ordinary Ukrainians our brethren. No, that’s wrong: we don’t even differentiate us from them that much.

        • I hope if you are reading this that you still consider them your brethren as both Russia and Ukraine are Slavic brothers. Do not let western mobsters push you one against the other.

  2. That was funny 🙂 If it wasn’t bad enough that he was already soaking wet from the rain, he was attacked by a floral arrangement on top. LOL.

  3. Wreath: “Stop touching me. Stop touching me! Get away! If you don’t get away, I’m gonna… THAT’S IT!” ::POUNCE:: Nom nom nom!


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